The Department of Public Safety offers the following services to the Gallaudet community:

Safe Walk Service

To assure your safety while walking from one building to another or to your vehicle when it is dark outside, the Department of Public Safety will gladly assign a Public Safety Officer or student assistant to escort you. Security escorts do not go off-campus.

Personal Safety Check

If you are working or studying late in an office or study area, a member of the department will stop by and check on you periodically if requested

Serving Legal Paperwork

The Department of Public Safety is authorized and will serve most legal paperwork including Temporary Restraining/Protective Orders, all other types of court orders, and other legal paperwork. This applies to on-campus deliveries only. If necessary, DPS will document the delivery and also make and hold a copy of this paperwork for the length of its validity.

In order to use this service, you must come to DPS with the paperwork and ask for assistance. DPS will serve the paperwork at our earliest convenience and inform the requesting party when it is delivered.

Identification Cards

Identification cards are issued by the Department of Public Safety. Your identification card should be carried with you at all times while on campus. ID cards not only assist the department in maintaining security, they also enable you to take advantage of many services and facilities on campus.

Access Cards

The Department of Public Safety is also responsible for issuing and replacing access cards. If you lose your access card, please inform the department immediately.

Operation Identification

The Operation Identification Program is designed to discourage the theft of student possessions while living in the dormitories. Valuables are engraved with an identification number that can be used by the Department of Public Safety or local police in the event of theft or loss. This service is by appointment. For an appointment please contact us.

Bicycle Registration

The Bicycle Registration Program requires you to register your bicycle or moped on campus and receive a license issued by the Department of Public Safety. The license is used to identify you as the owner, and in the event your bicycle is lost or stolen and is later recovered by the Department of Public Safety or the local police department. We highly encourage all bike owners to take a digital photograph of their bike for documentation purposes and assistance in recovery if it is stolen.


If you need a passport-sized photo for certain licensing, you can have your picture taken at the Department of Public Safety. The service costs $5. DPS is not able to do official passport photos.


The Department of Public Safety will fingerprint students who need this service for a job application. There is a $50 fee for this service. For an appointment, please contact us.

Vehicle Battery Jump

The Department of Public Safety will jump start your battery if you are having a problem. This service is free.

Lost and Found

Items found in the fall semester are kept in DPS until the end of the spring semester. Items found in the spring or summer semester are kept in DPS until the end of the fall semester. After that, the items are disposed of.

To take advantage of these services, please contact us.

Contact Us

Public Safety

Carlin Hall Basement

(202) 651-5445

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