The Department of Public Safety has a fine rubric for speeding cars, reckless driving, wrongful parking, passing a stop sign and other vehicular violations.

Note: the speed limit is 15 miles per hour (mph). The speeding fines listed below are for actual mph driven.

Offense Fine
Speeding at 16 – 21 MPH $20
Speeding at 22 – 27 MPH $25
Speeding at 28 – 34 mph $50
Speeding at 35 miles per hour or higher $100
Reckless operation of a motor vehicle $100
Obstructing or parking in a handicapped space $100
Parking or standing in a fire lane (red curb) $100
Obstructing a fire escape or exit $100
Parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant $100
Blocking a wheelchair lane $100
Fraudulent registration information $100
Failure to stop for a DPS officer $100
Vehicle Immobilization Device (Boot) Removal $80
Driving without a valid permit $50
Passing a stop sign $50
Failure to report an accident $50
Blocking a trash or recycling depository $50
Impeding traffic $50
Parking in an unauthorized zone $50
Parking in restricted or reserved spaces $50
Parking in a loading zone $25
Parking within 25 feet of a STOP sign $25
Failure to obtain a perking permit $25
Parking with left wheel to the curb $25
Failure to obtain Gallaudet University Handicapped Permit $25
Driving the wrong way on a one-way street $20
Driving on areas other than a road or parking lot $20
Failure to maintain state registration $20
Failure to properly display a parking permit $20
Parking over the lines $10
Replacing a parking permit (except a documented stolen permit) $10
All other violation fees will be clearly stated on ticket

Paying a Ticket

Fines may be paid online, in person or by mail, depending on the payment method. Cash, check, and credit card payments are accepted in the DPS office. Checks may be sent through the mail, but not cash. All payments must reference the violation notice number. Fines not paid within 15 working days will be doubled.

Appealing a Ticket

Anyone who receives a citation may file an appeal for reconsideration of the ticket. Appeal forms may be picked up in the Department of Public Safety, or the form can be found online at the DPS website. The appeal must be submitted within seven calendar days from receipt of the violation notice. Appeals filed after seven calendar days are not accepted, and the fine must be paid. The fact that a violation is being appealed is not justification to violate parking and traffic regulations.

Appeals are NOT reviewed or considered when the following reasons are listed:

  • Lost ticket(s).
  • Parking illegally for just a short period of time.
  • Ignorance of regulations.
  • Inconvenience of permissible parking space.
  • Unread or misunderstood signage.
  • Financial hardship.

An appeal will not be considered if the driver has had a previous ticket(s) for the same offense.

If an appeal is not successful, the fine must be paid within 15 working days from receipt of the notification. Fines not paid within 15 working days double. (See Paying a Ticket above.)

Booting, Towing, and Revocation of Parking Privileges

Following two reminders regarding an unpaid ticket, if payment is not received, student fines are transferred to Student Financial Services and recorded as a debt to the University, and the vehicle is subject to booting. Following two reminders, vehicles belonging to others are also subject to booting. To remove a boot, there is an $80 fee plus the payment of the unpaid violation(s). Individuals who continue to violate parking and traffic regulations are subject to having their vehicle booted.

If the owner of a vehicle that has been booted for seven calendar days has not made arrangements for the boot to be removed, the vehicle will be towed to an off-campus facility. Vehicles will be removed from University property, without notice, if the vehicle appears to be abandoned or if the owner does not respond to notification to move the vehicle.

The University reserves the right to revoke parking privileges temporarily or permanently if parking and traffic regulations are repeatedly ignored, or if other persons or the operations or resources of the University are placed at risk by the actions of the owner or operator.

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