Campus Access Restriction (CAR)

Bar status shall be given to person(s) internal or external to the Gallaudet University campus who has exhibited behavior (criminal misconduct) which has been deemed harmful to the University community (property or person) and is no longer welcomed on campus or specified campus locations.

Behavior to be considered harmful to the University community includes but is not limited to actions by an individual that is resultant in offenses against persons and/or property, disruption of University events, programs, processes, violation of University policy and procedures, and continued patterns of abuse and/or infringement of University policy and procedures.

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) has full authority to execute Barring notices to any person (student or non-student) who poses a safety risk and/or threat to the community. Depending on the circumstances of the violation, where doubt exists as to the individual’s status as a student, the bar notice will be executed by DPS and later transferred to Student Affairs to be processed under the University’s Code of Conduct. The barring notice and associated paperwork will be provided to Student Affairs.

The President, Vice President, Provost, Dean of Student Affairs and Dean of the Clerc Center or designates have full authority to execute barring notices.

Notification of indefinite barring

  1. Notification shall occur, when possible, at the time of the incident, to include full explanation and meaning of the barring status. If not executed at that time, notification should occur at the first opportunity by the best means available to include explanation of the Barring restriction.
  2. Notification shall, when possible, be acknowledged by the individual’s signature on the Barring Form. If not acknowledged by such individual’s signature, the signature of the official implementing the barring notification must appear on the form. A copy of the barring notice is provided to the individual.
  3. If notification is not feasible at the time of the incident, a formal barring letter will be sent to the barred individual’s address provided on the barring form.
  4. The effective date, purpose of the restriction, code violation, and individual’s descriptive data will be included on the form.
  5. Barring records are stored within the DPS Supervisory team for routine updates. A copy of the record may or may not be provided to Student Affairs Officials.

Violation of Barring status

If an individual designated as barred and who is in violation of the terms of the barring form, is found/reported on campus an officer may arrest the offender for Unlawful Entry, as defined in the District of Columbia Code.

  1. If the barred individual is arrested, the officer will generate an incident report.
  2. If the barred individual is not arrested, the officer will generate an incident report, documenting the situation and its resolution.
  3. DPS will forward a copy of the incident report and associated paperwork to the Student Affairs office in the event the person is a student.

Department of Public Safety/Student Affairs collaboration

If the barred individual is determined to be a student, the incident paperwork (DPS report, external law enforcement paperwork, statements, photos, etc.) will be forwarded to the appropriate Student Affairs office. The individual who is barred must arrange to make an appointment with the Student Affairs office and Student Affairs will contact DPS of the pending scheduled visit.

For incidents involving students, DPS and Student Affairs Officials will discuss details of the incident, investigation, and subsequent outcomes to ensure full collaboration of the case.

For incidents where Student Affairs has executed a barring decision, DPS will assist where needed to escort the barred individual off-campus.

Barring Appeal/Lift Review

A written request for appeal to lift an individual’s barring status shall be made to the office which issued the barring notice, and may be made AFTER one full year of the date of the barring notice has been in effect.

  1. After a determination to impose barring status has been made; to capture the interest to re-enter the Gallaudet University campus, the written request should include reasoning, objectives to re-enter the campus community, and come from the barred individual. Once the written request is received, an acknowledgement will be sent to the requestor. One request per year may be made to lift the bar status.
  2. Depending on the circumstances of the existing barring, the DPS Director will collaborate with internal personnel and Student Affairs Officials. The Director will remain in contact, when possible, with the individual during the review process.
  3. The barring status shall remain in effect pending the decision of the review. The reviewing DPS Official shall render a decision within ten working days of receipt of the request for review. Depending on the circumstances and dialogue, the decision timeframe may exceed ten working days. During such time, the Director will continue to remain in contact with the individual during the review.

Should a non-student with barring status decide to matriculate at the University, Department of Public Safety and Student Affairs Officials shall incorporate that information in the appeal decision.

Updated August 2023

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