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  1. Children under the age of 5 MUST be accompanied in the water by a parent and/ or guardian in swim attire. This will help your child gain more confidence while in the water.
    For parents that are required to be in the pool with the child, please note a maximum ratio of one adult per one child.
    Only one child can be supervised by one adult in any specific course.
  2. Children ages 6 and above may be supervised by the parent and/ or guardian from designated poolside areas.
    The instructor may request that you move farther away if your child is distracted by your presence.
    Please refrain from interrupting the instructor while lessons are taking place.
    Children who are not participating in lessons must be monitored closely by the parent and/or guardian and be within arm’s reach of the adult at all times.
  3. Food, glass containers, cell phones, video cameras, and/or animals are prohibited, except for registered service dogs which are permitted on the pool deck.
  4. Patrons needing special accommodations should contact the pool manager. Gallaudet University is not responsible for lost personal property.

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