The minor program in sports management is designed to give a student the opportunity to complement their major program of study (such as business, communications, information technology, physical education and recreation). This minor program, open to students of any major, provides the basic competencies to manage sport activities/programs/services in various settings. Students will be prepared for sports-related careers such as athletic directors, sport program managers, intramural coordinators, and sports organization administrators.

In order to declare a sport management minor, a student must meet with the Coordinator of Sport Management Minor Program. Students who declare the minor must enroll in PER 120 as an introductory course and they must receive a grade of “C” or above in each course noted below to continue in the minor program.

Courses & Requirements

Summary of Requirements

Required sport management courses 18 credits

Students will study the historical and philosophical bases of physical education and recreation. The course will include the philosophies of well-known physical education and recreation professionals, and their implications and consequences for the individual and society. The course reflects the continuing growth of these fields within a variety of educational, sport, and recreational environments.

Credits: 3

Pre- or co-requisite: ENG 102

Distribution: Bachelors, Minor, Undergraduate

This course includes concepts of event planning, management, leadership skills, and evaluation. This course is designed to develop students' familiarity with the special event program planning for recreation, physical education, and sports programming in diverse environments. Emphasis is placed on experiential learning through the actual planning and leadership of a community-based event within the Gallaudet or the greater deaf community, similar to a service-learning course.

Credits: 3

PER 200 and PER Majors or Business Majors; or permission of the instructor

Distribution: Bachelors, Undergraduate

This course is designed to introduce the students to the theoretical and practical aspects of intramural programming and officiating.

Credits: 3

ENG 102 or permission of the instructor

Distribution: Undergraduate

This course will cover the knowledge and skills surrounding measurement and evaluation related to the delivery of wellness, physical education, and/or recreation services. This course will focus on how to conduct individual assessments and activity/program evaluation.

Credits: 3

PER 204, 232, and Senior Standing; PER Majors; or permission of instructor.

Distribution: Bachelors, Undergraduate

This course will include a study of administrative practices and their application to physical education, recreation, and sports in diverse environments. Students will gain an understanding of the underlying principles and practices of planning, organizing, leading, and evaluation of physical education, recreation, and sport programs in school and community settings. Upon completing the course the student will demonstrate human and technical skills to provide leadership and supervision for activity-based programs.

Credits: 3

PER 350, Senior Standing; and PER Majors; or permission of the instructor.

Distribution: Bachelors, Undergraduate

This course offers practical field experience in business skills and experiences in sport industries. The student will receive three credits for the successful completion of a seminar, 120 hours of practical fieldwork, and the analysis of that experience. The course is required of sport management minor students. This course provides a supervised and guided learning experience.

Credits: 3

Sport management minor, permission of the instructor, and valid (for the entire term registered for PER 450) certifications in CPR/AED & First Aid.

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Ryan Barlongo

Lecturer II

Anthony DeMare

Lecturer I

YooJung Rhee

Assistant Professor

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