Areas of Study
  • HSL-713 Language Dev. & Disorders I (2021/01)(01)
  • HSL-754 Speech Sound Disorders (2021/01)(01)
  • Advising Load 2021/01: Total:8 Masters:8
  • Factors influencing US speech and language therapists’ use of technology for clinical practice
  • Identifying developmental language disorder in school-age bilinguals: semantics, grammar, and narratives
  • Identifying language disorder in bilingual children using automatic speech recognition
  • Bilingual children's sentence repetition performance over time: Effects of language exposure and DLD status
  • Identifying language disorder in Spanish-English bilingual children: Scoring & feasibility of computerized testing
  • Priority Research Fund: Expression of Interest to Apply [Approval to Apply Received]- (Gallaudet University)
  • Tinette Pham-Speech-Language Pathology (Masters) 2021/01
  • Advisor, Master of Science Program 2021/01
  • Comprehensive Examination Reviewer 2021/01
  • Audiology Faculty Search Committee 2021/01
  • Reviewer: Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools 2021/01
  • Gallaudet University Professional Development Week 2021/01-2021/01
  • CBO Beginning ASL Course 2021/01-2021/01
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention 2021/01-2021/01
  • ASL Immersion Program 2021/01-2021/01
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: January 2012
  • Texas Speech-Language-Hearing Association: January 2016
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