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Moonhoon Choi’s research lies in two areas of how human’s process information: 1) Political Communication 2) Sports Communication. The first line of research focuses on the role of partisan media in creating political polarization and the media’s role in shaping public opinion toward domestic and international issues. A second line of research focuses on the public’s response to NFL players’ national anthem protests. Before coming to Gallaudet, he taught consumer research and analysis at the University of Wisconsin. He has an M.A. in mass communication from the University of Florida.
  • COM-350 Intro to Mass Communication (2021/01)(01)
  • COM-380 Theories of Human Com. (2021/01)(01)
  • COM-320 Internship Seminar (2022/01)(1)
  • COM-350 Intro to Mass Communication (2022/01)(1)
  • COM-380 Theories of Human Com. (2022/01)(1)
  • COM-495 Special Topics (2021/02)(01)
  • COM-495 Special Topics (2021/03)(1)
  • COM-160 Communication Research (2021/02)(01)
  • COM-380 Theories of Human Com. (2021/02)(01)
  • Guest Lecturer (2020/01)
  • Guest Lecturer (2019/02)
  • Guest Lecturer (2019/01)
  • Guest Lecturer (2017/02)
  • Teaching Assistant (2010/02)
  • Teaching Assistant (2010/01)
  • Teaching Assistant (2009/02)
  • Teaching Assistant (2009/01)
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">Who Are Minor League Baseball (MiLB) Spectators? Developing a Motivation-Based Segmentation Typology of MiLB Game Attendees<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">PyeongChang, Pyongyang or Pyeonghwa (peace in Korean) Olympic Games? An Exploration of the Frames between Partisan Media and Framing Effects<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">The Role of the Media in Enhancing People’s Perception of Hosting a Mega Sport Event: The Case of Pyeongchang’s Winter Olympic Bids<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">Factors Affecting Cultural Integration of Chinese Students in Korea: Focusing on the Interaction Effect of Media Use and Interpersonal Communication<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">The Relationships Among Emotional Feelings Presented in Photo News, the Valence of Online Replies, Empathy, Attitudes, and Behavioral Intention: Focusing on the Mediating Role of Empathy<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">An Exploratory Analysis of Violent Content on Web-comics<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">Fake News and Partisan Blame Attribution: Exploring the Mediating Role of Self-enhancing Perceptual Bias Among Young Adults<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">Use of Second Screen among Deaf and Hard of Hearing Sport Fans<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:12px;font-family:Helvetica;">Sports and Politics: NFL players’ protest and political participation.<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">Who Are Minor League Baseball Fans? A Factor-Cluster Approach to Motivation-Based Segmentation<span> </span></p>
  • <p style="font-size:11.5px;font-family:'Times New Roman';">Expensive medication or misinformation: The influence of competing frames and appeals on perceptions of DTCA and support for its regulation.<span> </span></p>
  • Mara Land-Communication Studies (Honors Capstone) 2022/02
  • Program review coordinator 2022/01
  • Program Assessment co-coordinator 2022/01
  • Assistant Coach at Debate Team 2022/01
  • Teaching Online Certificate (TOL) 2021/02
  • Association Education in Journalism and Mass Communication: September 2015-Ongoing
  • International Communication Association: September 2015-Ongoing
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