Jessica Kuehne has a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from Liberty University (CACREP Accredited). She holds professional licenses in the state of North Carolina and the District of Columbia. She received a Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling focusing on Deaf and Hard of Hearing from Gallaudet University (CACREP Accredited) and a National Certified Counselor credential. She has thirteen years of clinical counseling experience, four years of supervisory experience, and a few years of teaching experience in the field of professional counseling. She has worked as a clinical therapist for the deaf and hard of hearing population in Western North Carolina for eight years. She has worked with deaf children and adolescents in various capacities throughout a thirteen-year period between 2004 and 2017.

In Summer 2022, Dr. Kuehne joined Gallaudet University as an Assistant Professor of Counseling. Before, she spent nearly four years working as a mental health counselor and a clinical supervisor at Counseling and Psychological Services at Gallaudet University. Her areas of research interest include counseling within the Deaf community, adult children of alcoholics, the role of self-compassion in trauma survivors, ethical and legal issues in counseling, grief counseling, and art therapy and creative approaches in counseling.

  • VEE-101 First Year Seminar Part I (2022/01)(2)
  • COU-701 Seminar on Loss (2022/01)(OL1)
  • COU-732 Theories & App Couns (2022/01)(OL1)
  • COU-755 Lgl,Ethcl, & Prof Issues COU (2021/03)(HY01)
  • VEE-102 First Year Seminar Part 2 (2022/02)(10)
  • PSY-270 Psychology and Deaf People (2022/02)(OL1)
  • COU-720 Intro to Rsrch for Counselors (2022/02)(OL1)
  • VEE-101 Examine Seminar (2023/01)(07)
  • COU-721 Foundation Help Skills I (2023/01)(OL1)
  • COU-732 Theories & App Couns (2023/01)(OL1)
  • COU-732 Theories & App Couns (2023/01)(OL2)
  • COU-748 Princ of Assessment in Couns (2022/02)(HY01)
  • COU-755 Lgl,Ethcl, & Prof Issues COU (2022/02)(HY01)
  • COU-748 Princ of Assessment in Couns (2022/03)(HY01)
  • COU-755 Lgl,Ethcl, & Prof Issues COU (2022/03)(HY01)
  • Advising Load 2022/03: Total:19 Masters:19
  • 2022 Ph.D. Professional Excellence Award
  • Creative Pedagogy in Teaching Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling
  • A National Needs Assessment of Behavioral Health Providers for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
  • Multichannel Eye Movement Integration (MEMI) within the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA): Perceived Stigma within the Deaf Community
  • Ready for Court: Ethical and Legal Issues to Prepare for Testimony
  • Holly Salem-Ph.D. Clinical Psychology (Doctoral Committee) 2023/01
  • Council on Graduate Education: Member 2023/01
  • Web Authorship 2022/01
  • Graduate-Level Inclusion and Diversity Education (GLIDE) Program Requirement 2022/02
  • Faculty Director Search Committee: Gallaudet University Department of Counseling 2020/03-2020/03
  • Reviewer: Journal of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association 2022/02
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Walk, Chairperson: Counseling and Psychological Services 2019/03-2021/02
  • Professional Development Week: Washington, District of Columbia 2022/01-2022/02
  • Question. Persuade. Refer. (QPR) Gatekeeper Instructor Certificate 2020/03-2021/01
  • Multichannel Eye Movement Integration I 2022/03-2022/03
  • National Association of the Deaf: July 2021-Ongoing
  • American Counseling Association: March 2010-Ongoing
  • American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (ADARA) : March 2019-Ongoing
  • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision: March 2019-Ongoing
  • Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision: March 2019-Ongoing
  • Association for Creativity in Counseling : October 2022-Ongoing
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