All University-owned equipment is insured through the University’s insurance provider.

Coverage: The coverage applies to risks of direct physical loss to University equipment. Coverage does not extend to normal maintenance, normal wear, and tear, deterioration, permanently attached building equipment or fixtures, or facilities as a result of loss (a damaged door or glass due to gaining entry, structural damage due to water or fire loss).

Valuation: If loss or damage does occur, reimbursement will not exceed the cost to replace, repair, or restore the article to the condition that existed immediately before the loss. The department experiencing the loss will pay the deductible.

Conditions: All equipment must be University-owned. No personally owned equipment will be covered. All equipment should be protected by some method of loss control. Examples include: University ID Tags, engraving, and or/security devices.

Equipment and Property

Leased Equipment: Any department that is leasing equipment (copiers, faxes, or other types of office equipment) should contact Risk Management when acquiring this type of equipment. Risk Management will notify the leasing company or the insurance carrier.

Borrowing University Property: Use of University property is prohibited for personal business or to perform work for non-campus organizations. Property that is removed from campus may be used for institutionally sponsored or related purposes only. University policy stipulates that property may not be removed from the assigned budget unit or from campus without a properly authorized property relocation form. These forms must be presented to the Department upon request.

Personal Property: The University takes no responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal property of employees or students. It is expected that these items be insured through the individual’s homeowner’s/renter’s policy.

Fine Arts: Fine arts are considered to be irreplaceable items. Fine arts that are in any area or department should be reported to Risk Management. Examples of fine arts include antiques, painting, etchings, tapestries, art glass windows, rugs, marble, bronze, rare books, manuscripts, porcelains, and other pieces of historical value or artistic merit.

Art Exhibit Coverage: Art exhibits coverage is available through the University’s insurance provider. If you plan to have an art exhibit, each artist or owner must submit a signed letter requesting “art exhibit coverage” along with an itemized listing of the works to be exhibited, by name or description and the value for each item. Should a loss occur, losses will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria on the “request art exhibit coverage.”

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