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If you are leaving Gallaudet, it is important that you supply your new address to your friends, magazine companies, bank, doctors, dentist, church, Social Security Office, and to any other businesses or individuals with whom you have corresponded while at Gallaudet. The Post Office has change of address cards for this purpose. You can also provide a forwarding address to the Gallaudet Postal Services. Mail will be forwarded to you for 90 days. Forwarded mail takes at least one week to arrive. You should also be aware of the following concerning mail to be forwarded:

  • To avoid delays in receiving your Social Security checks, you should notify the Social Security Administration of your new address as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may leave several self-addressed, stamped envelopes at the Gallaudet Postal Services, and your check will be mailed to you.
  • You will be responsible for paying the postage due on forwarded magazines when they arrive at your new address.
  • United Parcel Services (UPS) deliveries will not be forwarded. International mail will not be forwarded through the U.S. mail.

To set up a forwarding address, please go to the USPS website and complete the change of address section, or click or you can pick up a form from us.

*Students that have a key box must return the key to the GU Post Office before leaving Gallaudet.

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