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The National Deaf Life Museum would like to thank the exhibition team members for their contribution and for making the Then & Now rotating exhibition a reality.

Exhibition Team

Stephen Weiner, Provost, Ed.D., ’78, G-’80

Vicki Hurwitz, Honorary Chair, Friends of the National Deaf Life Museum

Jack Gannon & Rosalyn Gannon, Honorary Chairs, National Deaf Life Museum

Jane Norman, Ph.D., E-’62, ’68, National Deaf Life Museum Director & Curator Emerita

Meredith Peruzzi, ’11, National Deaf Life Museum Director & Exhibition Curator

Brian Suchite, ’10, Administrative Assistant

Trevor De Rosch, ’13, Assistant to the Curator

Shane Dundas, G-’11 & G-’16, Multimedia & Outreach Coordinator

Justin Shaw, ’99, Museum Support Specialist

Derrick Behm, ’13, Researcher & Writer

Brittany Turner, ’13, Researcher & Writer

Amee Powell, ’11, Researcher & Writer

Amber Rush, ’11, Research Assistant

Scott Carollo, MFA, ’96, Exhibition Concept Design

Brian Greenwald, Ph.D., ’96, Contributing Historian

Content Review

David Armstrong, Ph.D.

Jack, ’59, H-’88 & Rosalyn, ’59, Gannon

Ulf Hedberg

Daphne Cox, ’82

Carolyn McCaskill, Ph.D., ’77, G-’79, PhD ’05

Jane Norman, Ph.D., E-’62, ’68

Shirley Shultz-Myers, Ph.D.

Stephen Weiner, Ed.D., ’78, G-’80

Museum Consultants

Mary Case, Qm2, Museum Consultant

Dean Krimmel, Creative Museum Services, Exhibition Consultant

Charles Mack Design, Design Consultant

Jane Norman, Ph.D., E-’62, ’68, Museum & Exhibition Consultant

Exhibit Design, Fabrication & Installation

Blair, Inc., Springfield, VA

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