Areas of Study


The exhibit is made possible partially through the generosity of the class of 1958 and the Friends of the National Deaf Life Museum. Photographs and documents provided by the Gallaudet University Archives. Photograph of Juneau, Alaska, Courthouse provided by Michael Olson Private Collection

Exhibition Team

  • Tabitha Jacques, Exhibition Curator
  • Scott Carollo, Exhibition Designer
  • Drew Robarge, Exhibition Consultant
  • Jane Norman, Exhibition Project Director

Exhibition Editors

  • Jean Bergey, Outreach Program, CPSO
  • Brian Greenwald, Associate Professor, Government and History
  • Ulf Hedberg, Director of Deaf Library Collections and Archives
  • Acknowledgements

    • Christine C.A. Katsapis, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
    • Deaf Library Collections and Archives
    • Allison Wickens, Director of Education, National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution
    • Dan Falk, National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution
    • Institutional Advancement, Development and Public Relations
    • Doug Bahl, ’74
    • Mary K. Lott, Program Manager, Campus Activities
    • Gallaudet University Physical Plant Department
    • Kim Sexton, Administration Secretary

    National Deaf Life Museum

    Honorary Co-Chairs

    • Jack R. and Rosalyn Lee Gannon, ’59


    • Lloyd Ballinger, ’83
    • Jean Bergey
    • Scott Carollo, ’82
    • Daphne Cox, ’82
    • Brian Greenwald, ’96, Vice-Chair
    • Kristen Harmon
    • Ulf Hedberg
    • Carolyn McCaskill, ’77, G- ’05
    • Joseph Murray
    • Jane Norman, ’68, Chair and Director
    • Edgar Palmer, ’78, G- ’03
    • Drew Robarge, ’07

    The National Deaf Life Museum and the Olof Hanson, Conspicuous Leader 1862-1933 exhibition are sponsored by the Division of Academic Affairs. The Weyerhaeuser Family Art Gallery and Exhibition Hall I. King Jordan Student Academic Center Gallaudet University 2009 – 2010