The following related links offer information about Deaf life in the United States. For an extensive listing of resources, visit the Gallaudet University web site. Gallaudet is the world’s only university geared specifically to the needs of the deaf.

Gallaudet University’s key role in Through Deaf Eyes is to provide access to the vast collection of archival material held by Gallaudet University Archives and other sources and to serve as liaison to scholars, historians and others key experts on Deaf history and culture.

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National Deaf Life Museum

The National Deaf Life Museum at Gallaudet University promotes and interprets the rich and complex deaf experience through exhibits and programming on campus and online.

Drs. John S. and Betty J. Schuchman Deaf Documentary Center

The Center educates students in the documentary arts and explores the lives of deaf people through research, documentation and dissemination.

ASL Connect

ASL Connect is intended to be a central resource for learning American Sign Language (ASL) and about Deaf Studies online, with all content created by Deaf ASL-fluent scholars. We offer ways to learn some basic ASL online to get you started, and then we offer highly engaging and interactive ASL and Deaf Studies courses online.

Deaf Studies Digital Journal

The Deaf Studies Digital Journal (also known as DSDJ) is the world’s first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the cultural, creative, and critical output of published work in and about sign languages and Deaf culture. Unlike other academic and cultural publications, the DSDJ is a bilingual and bimodal publication primarily presented in both American Sign Language and English.

Department of Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University

The Department of Deaf Studies is at the forefront of research and publication of issues relating to the language and culture of deaf people. Students collaborate with expert faculty to explore the complexities of deaf communities and their signed languages through interdisciplinary approaches.

For those who are interested in pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in ASL or Deaf Studies.

Gallaudet University Archives

The Gallaudet University Archives is responsible for the institutional memory of the University and also strives to preserve the memory of the global Deaf Community.

Gallaudet University Press

Gallaudet University Press is nonprofit scholarly publisher that shares knowledge by and about deaf people with the world.

Mobile Deaf Project

Deaf signers’ international mobilities are rapidly increasing. These mobilities are unique in a number of respects: while being biologically deaf leads to certain limitations and to discrimination and inequalities, being skilled in visual language also creates possibilities and opportunities for communication across national and linguistic borders. Four subprojects will focus on structurally different kinds of international deaf mobilities: (1) forced migration, (2) labour migration, (3) professional mobility, and (4) tourist mobility.

National Association of the Deaf

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is the nation’s premier civil rights organization of, by and for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America. Established in 1880, the NAD was shaped by deaf leaders who believed in the right of the American deaf community to use sign language, to congregate on issues important to them, and to have its interests represented at the national level.

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

The National Technical Institute for the Deaf is one of the nine colleges of Rochester Institute of Technology, and is home to the world’s first and largest technological college for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2)

The purpose of the Science of Learning Center at Gallaudet University on “Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2)” is to advance fundamentally the Science of Learning specifically involving how aspects of human higher cognition are realized through one of our most central senses, vision.

World Federation of the Deaf

The World Federation of the Deaf is an international non-profit and non-governmental organisation of deaf associations from 133 countries – a global organisation working to ensure equal rights for 70 million people around the globe.

History Through Deaf Eyes Educational Resources

Educational Resources Life and Deaf: Language and the Myth of Balance in Public History Jean Lindquist Bergey Sign Language Studies, Volume 8, Number 4, published Summer 2008 by Gallaudet University Press. Used with permission. Abstract This article chronicles the protest to draft plans for an...

History Through Deaf Eyes

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