Photo of museum staff working in Archives - looking at old photographs and selecting few for 150th Anniversary exhibition.
Photo courtesy of Shane Dundas

In Archives, Trevor De Rosch (pictured left) and Justin Shaw (pictured right) have been hard at work since June 2013, shifting through and copying photos, documents, maps, and articles for the 150th Anniversary exhibit. So far, they have amassed six binders of copies, from pictures of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, the earliest maps of campus, and pictures of the first classes to attend to President I pictures. King Jordan and the Deaf President Now protest.

Close up view of archival research.
Photo courtesy of Shane Dundas

Trevor has found the old Greek life and DPN protests fascinating. At the same time, Justin shows an eye for Douglas Craig, a caretaker of the early college, and old buildings that used to exist on campus, such as the Hermitage, where Edward Miner Gallaudet escaped from his duties to relax, and the Rose Cottage. We still have many more photos to find and much more documentation to do.
We would like to thank Mike Olson and his assistants for their continuous support and assistance through this process. Click to learn more about Gallaudet University Archives.

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