Areas of Study

The Library provides the following services for Gallaudet students:

  • Hours: Vary from day to day within the semester.
  • Location: JSAC 1221
  • Research Services: Students have access to the full library catalog and access to research guides organized by subject, and many research databases to get the information they need. You may make an appointment with the librarian for in-depth, uninterrupted help with research. The librarian can recommend search strategies and information sources.
  • Jobs in the Library: You can apply for student assistant positions and jobs in the library.
  • Adaptive Equipment:
    • Photocopy machines with enlargement capabilities
    • Captioned videos and DVDs
    • Braille Printer workstation
    • Mobile text-magnification cameras
  • Accommodations
    • Retrieving materials: If advance notice is given, staff members can retrieve books and other materials as much as time and level of business permits. For that reason, please note that retrievals may be limited to five items, especially during evenings and weekends.

Study Spaces

Study spaces need to be reserved in advance. Reservations can be made here.

  • Quiet Spaces
    • Individual study seating is available at large study tables and individual lounge/casual seating around the Interim Library.
  • Reservable Study Areas
    • Zoom conference and Media workstations are available for group work, which seat up to 4 people per workstation.
    • Group Collaboration table is available seating up to 4 people at the table.

Contact Us

University Library

Amy Malm

SAC 1221

(202) 779-9478

(202) 651-5000

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