Areas of Study

August service Awards

Five years:
Nena Theoharis, Associate Professor and MA Program Director, Education; Christen Smith, Assistant Professor, Physical Education and Recreation; Brenda Seal, Professor; Hearing, Speech and Language Science; Wanda Riddle, Instructor, American Sign Language (ASL) & Deaf Studies Program; Anna Ramach, Teacher, Office of KDES Principal; Caroline Pezzarossi, Associate Professor, Psychology; Kari Kinyon, Instructor, Department of Business; Max Kazemzadeh, Associate Professor, Art, Communication and Theater; Elizabeth Gibbons, Associate Professor, Psychology; Julie Fennell, Assistant Professor, History, Philosophy, Religion and Sociology; Heidi Burns, Coordinator, Inclusion/Differentiation; Thangi Appanah, Assistant Professor and BA Program Director, Education

Ten years:
Cheryl Wu, Professor, Counseling; Jason Trzebny, Interpreter III, Gallaudet Interpreting Service; Christopher Sewell, Student Enhancement Educator, Student Life; Lillie Ransom, Professor, Art, Communication and Theater; Frances Marquez, Associate Professor, Government and Public Affairs; Amy Malone, Teacher, MSSD; Jeffrey Leach, Director, Financial Services, Finance Office; Patricia Foley, Professor, Art, Communication and Theater; Paul Dudis, Associate Professor and Chair, Linguistics; Nancy De Witt, Interpreter II, Gallaudet Interpreting Service; Jill Bradbury, Professor, English

Fifteen years:
Robert Whitaker, School Psychologist, MSSD; Samuel Weber, Lecturer II, Social Work; David Tossman, Admissions Counselor, Admissions; Tania Thomas-Presswood, Associate Professor and School Psychology Program Director, Psychology; Jennie Sivak, Manager, Residence Education, Student Life; Patricia Hulsebosch, Associate Provost, Planning Academic Quality and Institutional Research, Office of Academic Quality; Christopher Heuer, Associate Professor, English; Lauralynn Helms-Salit, MSSD Operations Coordinator, Student Life; Kristen Harmon, Professor, English; Michael Brecheen, Teacher, MSSD; Anthony Borges, Groundskeeper and Equipment Operator, Grounds Services; James Adams, Supervisor, Computer Technology Services, Gallaudet Technology Services; Bobby Acton, Student Support Specialist, MSSD

Twenty years:
Norman Williams, Senior Research Engineer, Telecommunications Access RERC; Elizabeth Moore, MSW Program Director and Associate Professor, Social Work

Twenty-five years:
Kathleen Wood, Professor and Faculty Fellow; Pearlie Williams, Custodian, Custodial Services; Dennis Galvin, Professor and Chairperson, Psychology

Thirty years:
Carolyn Perry, Content Specialist, Curriculum & Instruction; Andre Pellerin, Art Gallery, Lab & Equipment Specialist, Art, Communication and Theater; Rhonda Madden, Academic Support Services Counselor, Tutorial and Instructional Program; Paul Johnston, Professor, Art, Communication and Theater; Ronald Duckett, Custodian/Floor Maintenance, Custodial Services; Charles Bowie, Coordinator of Student Tech Training, Gallaudet Technology Services; Marylynn Boswell, Manager, Payroll & HRIS, Human Resources Services; Isaac Agboola, Interim Dean, SEBHS

Thirty-five years:
Shirley Shultz Myers, Professor/Director, Honors Program; Marilyn Sass-Lehrer, Professor, Education

Forty years:
Diana Moore, DeafCollection & Instruction Library

Promotions in August

Patrick Atuonah, Demonstration School Support Specialist, MSSD; Debra Nussbaum, Manager, Proj-Lang Dev & Comm, Training Professional Dev; Helen McClarin, Residential Night Assistant, Student Life; Patricia Hower, Residential Educator Assistant, Student Life; Bregitt Jimenez, Residential Educator Assistant, Student Life; Michael Kent, Residential Educator Assistant, Student Life; John Spinosi, Residential Educator Assistant, Student Life; Jeffrey Barnette, Teacher, MSSD Department; Julie Fennell, Associate Professor, History, Phil, Rel & Sociology; Paige Franklin, Professor/Chairperson, English; Raychelle Harris, Associate Professor, ASL & Deaf Studies Program, Roberto Herrera, Associate Professor, World Languages & Cultures, Christopher Heuer, Professor, English; Thomas Horejes, Assistant Professor, History, Phil, Rel & Sociology; Mary Hufnell, Associate Professor/MH Director, Counseling; Joseph Murray, Associate Professor, ASL & Deaf Studies Program; Regina Nuzzo, Professor, Science, Technology & Math; Sharon Pajka, Prof/Placement Coor., English; Deborah Pichler, Professor, Department of Linguistics; Kimberly Pudans-Smith, Instructor/Coordinator ASL2, ASL Programs; Miako Rankin, Associate Prof/UG PRG Coor., Department of Linguistics; Risa Shaw, Professor, Department of Linguistics; Mary Thumann, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics; Amy Wilson, Prof/Dir Intl Dev MA Pgm, Education; Christina Yuknis, Associate Professor/Summer New Prgm Coor., Education; Stevie Canady, Driver, Transportation; Keisha Nobles, Bus Monitor, Transportation

New employees hired in August

Rhea Kennedy, Lecturer II, English; Ryan Barlongo, Lecturer I, Physical Educ. & Recreation; Gerardo Chacon, Assistant Professor, Science, Technology & Math; Terra Edwards, Assistant Professor, Linguistics; Sherry Eyer, Associate Professor, Psychology; Audrey Frank, Assistant Professor, Social Work; Jeffrey Miller, Professor, Business; Keith Sanfacon, Lecturer I, Physical Educ. & Recreation; Chizuko Tamaki, Associate Professor, Hearing, Speech & Lang Science; Abbas Behmanesh, ELI Trainer, English Language Institute; Gregoire Youbara, ELI Trainer, English Language Institute; Rachel Benedict, Teacher, KDES; Michel Daze, Teacher, MSSD, James Gardner, Teacher, MSSD; Christina Harucki, Teacher, KDES; Brandon McMillan, Teacher, KDES; Christine Parrotte, Teaching Fellow, MSSD; Darlene Biega, Teacher Aide, KDES; Patrick Boudreault, Asst. Prof/MA-SLED Prog Coor, ASL & Deaf Studies Program; Margaux Delotte-Bennett, Lecturer II/COor Field Educ, Social Work; Kenneth Henry, Assoc Prof/Clinical Prgm Dir, Hearing, Speech & Lang Science; Kota Takayama, Instructor/Sch Sw Prog Coor, Social Work; Jillian Donnelly, ASL/Deaf Studies Specialist, KDES; Bridgetta Bourne-Firl, Asst Dir, Prod Trng & Dissemin, Training Professional Dev; Jennifer Barraza, Scheduler, Gallaudet Interpreter Service; Rena Gordon, Admin Secretary, Gallaudet Interpreting Services; Shelley Baltimore-Singletary, Bus Monitor, Transportation; Tammy Jacobs, Admissions Counselor/Alumni Lia, Admissions; Kara-Renee Pepin, Coordinator, Visitor Programs, Admissions

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