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July Service Awards

July Service Awards

Five years

Pierre Butler, dispatcher/customer service representative, Public Safety; Seung Kim, Helpdesk information technology technician, Media and Classroom Technology

Ten years

Sara Finklea, coordinator of enrollment management projects, Enrollment Management Services; Karen Kinsler, driver, Transportation; Nelson Llerena, lead worker, Custodial Services; Valencia Simmons, marketing assistant, Gallaudet Press

Thirty years

Robert Johnson, professor, Linguistics; Susanne Scott, cochlear implant bilingual specialist, Cochlear Implant Education Center

Thirty-five years

Norman Ingram, carpenter, Maintenance Services

Forty years

Hank Young, coordinator of graduate admissions, Graduate School

Promotions in July

James Adams, supervisor of computer technology services, Helpdesk Media and Classroom Support; Cedric Arce, supervisor of media and classroom support, Helpdesk Media and Classroom Support; Karen Evans, administrative assistant, Student Affairs; Carla Hanyzewski, projects manager, Training and Professional Development; Travis Imel, special assistant to the dean, Student Affairs; Gerald Pickering, records and registration functional/technical analyst, Registrar; Charity Reedy Hines, interim chief enrollment management officer, Office of the Chief Enrollment Management Officer

Retirements in July

James Allen, Custodial Services; Lloyd Ballinger, Gallaudet Technology Services Information Security and Networks; Cynthia Conley, Audiology; Terry Coye, General Studies Faculty and Staff Development; Rachel Hartig, Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Jason Herbers, Helpdesk Media and Classroom Support; Esther King, Physical Education and Recreation; Barbara Martin, MSSD; Margery Miller, Enrollment Management Services

August Service Awards

Five years

Mark Burke, coordinator of athletics and recreational programs, Athletics; Jennifer Furlano, American Sign Language (ASL) and deaf studies specialist, KDES; Amy Hiel, assistant professor and master’s program director, Education; Bobbie Kite, teacher, KDES; Laurie Miskovsky, degree compliance auditor, Registrar; Kristi Nolan, teacher, KDES; Regina Nuzzo, associate professor, Math and Computer Science; Sharon Pajka, associate professor, English; Raylene Paludneviciene, assistant professor, Psychology; Katherine Spiegel, graduate program specialist, Graduate School and Professional Programs; Sara Stallard, English teacher, MSSD

Ten years

Roch Arboleda, evaluation associate, Clerc Center; Matthew Bakke, chair and professor, Audiology; Nancy Berrigan, KDES principal; Touria Boren, project specialist, Enrollment Management Services; Tara Downing, family educator, KDES; Brian Greenwald, associate professor and coordinator, History; Asiah Mason, manager of international outreach programs, Regional, National, and International Outreach; Bryan Miller, associate professor, Psychology; Thuan Nguyen, coordinator of residence education, Residence Life; Risa Shaw, associate professor, Interpretation; Laurene Simms, professor, Education; Amy Wilson, associate professor, Educational Foundations and Research; Danielle Yearout, executive director of development operations, Development Office

Fifteen years

Tonya Stremlau, professor, English; Carlene Sorensen, professor, Chemistry; Barbara Proctor, consortium/graduation certification specialist, Registrar; Judith Mounty, technical and fieldwork supervisor, CPSO; Melanie Metzger, professor, Interpretation; Deborah McCaw, associate professor/coordinator, Psychology; Paige Franklin, associate professor, English; Jerri Dorminy, coordinator of curriculum and assessment, Freshman Studies; H-Dirksen Bauman, professor/coordinator of bilingual education, ASL and Deaf Studies; Nurys Adames, custodian, Custodial Services

Twenty years

Willy Conley, professor, Theatre Arts; Jan Hafer, professor/director, General Studies; Leslie Rach, professor, General Studies; Weimin Shen, art teacher, KDES

Thirty years

Albert Benedict, dean, Student Affairs; Robbie Carmichael, assistant professor, Physical Education and Recreation; Nancy Carroll, assistant dean for curriculum, policy, and operations, Graduate School; Diane Hottendorf, professor, Physical Education and Recreation; Paul Kelly, vice president, Administration and Finance; Deborah Moore, career consultant, Career Center; David Pancost, professor, English; Toni Parliman, ASL proficiency evaluator, ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services; Cynthia Pettie, professor, English; Marilynn Zowader, educational planner, MSSD

Forty years

Richard Lytle, professor, Education

New Employees Hired in August

Fred Beam, teaching fellow, MSSD; JoAnna Cragun, teacher, MSSD; Deborah Duren, ASL teacher, CPSO; Cara Gordon, teacher, KDES; Sanyukta Jaiswal, assistant professor, Audiology; Mary Kinsella-Meier, manager, Projects, Planning, Development, and Dissemination, MSSD; Kari Kinyon, instructor, Business; Taiyabah Naeem, teacher, MSSD; Sarah Neumann, teacher, MSSD; Christine Schaefer, clinical fellowship year speech-language pathologist, KDES; Deborah Schooler, assistant professor, Psychology; Jamie Smith, metadata and catalog librarian, Library; Christen Szymanski, director of research and evaluation, Planning, Development, and Dissemination, MSSD; Andrea Watson, teacher, KDES

Promotions in August

Teresa Burke, assistant professor, Philosophy and Religion; Jessica Duhon, individualized education program coordinator, MSSD; Reed Gershwind, assistant professor, Business; Lisa Jacobs, director, Regional, National, and International Outreach; Gaurav Mathur, associate professor, Linguistics; Deborah McCaw, professor, Psychology; Kristin Mulrooney, associate professor, Linguistics; Raylene Paludneviciene, associate professor, Psychology; Carla Shird, coordinator of services, Mental Health Center; Kendra Smith, associate professor, Counseling; Caroline Solomon, professor, Biology; Helen Thumann, professor, Education; Franklin Torres, assistant professor, English

Retirements in August

Barbara Hardaway, English; Herbert Mapes, Math and Computer Science; Margaret Mullens, Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; Ann Powell, Diversity and Equity for Students; Anne Simonsen, Physical Education and Recreation

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