Areas of Study

Service awards for May
Five years:
Elizabeth Stone, manager of projects, Clerc Center; Dorothea Jones, driver, Transportation; Stephen DaSilva, accountant II, Finance Office
Ten years:
LaWanda Jackson, program analyst, Clerc Center; Jeffrey DeMarco, technical support specialist, Admissions; Barbara Nehrir, coordinator, Program Development; Virginia Fedor, coordinator of special services and investigations, Public Safety
Fifteen years:
Shirley Hack-McCafferty, executive secretary, Gallaudet Research Institute
Twenty years:
Overton Cavanaugh, custodian/floor maintenance, Custodial Services; Daryl Frelich, institutional information administrator, Institutional Research
Twenty-five years:
Kris Gould, intramural/equipment coordinator, Athletics; Williams Bogans, lead central distribution technician, Facilities
Thirty years:
Charlene Laba, director of program services, College of Professional Studies and Outreach Program Support;

Marlene Matthews, coordinator of KDES operations, Clerc Center
Forty years:
Diane O’Connor, professor, English
New employees hired in May
Patrick Baker, coordinator of visitor programs, Admissions; Sabatino DiMeo, technical support specialist, Financial Aid; Shondra Mitchell, financial aid specialist, Financial Aid; Lisa Gelineau, American Sign Language (ASL) proficiency evaluator, ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services; Maurice Hunter, public safety officer, Public Safety; Delia Lozano-Martinez, Latino program coordinator, Keeping the Promise; Samuel Sathya, first class engineer, Utilities Services; Trina Schooley, recruitment coordinator, Admissions; Derrick Williams, database management specialist, Admissions
Promotions in May
Joseph DeSiervi, student financial services accountant, Finance Office; Matthew Klusza, senior client support technician, Gallaudet Technical Services; Jesse Saunders, youth programs and outreach coordinator, Enrollment Management Services
Retirements in May
Sherry Duhon, Enrollment Management Services; Peter Fitzgibbons, Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences

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