Areas of Study

Service awards for July

Five years:
Yvonne Catt, student support specialist, Student Life; Charles Crosby, driver, Transportation; Mark Dudley, supervisor of HVAC and controls, Maintenance; Chardae Jenoure, administrative secretary, Business; Victoria King, executive secretary, Audiology; Vernetta Pegues, administrative secretary, Student Health Service; Darrell Ware, public safety officer, Public Safety

Ten years:
Shelia Kelly-Bryant, dispatcher/customer representative, Public Safety; Suzy McKenzie, manager of computer support services, Helpdesk, Media and Classroom Technology; Mairin Veith, instructor, History

Fifteen years:
Beverly Buchanan, supervisor, English Language Institute

Thirty years:
Judith Harkins, director, Technology Access Program, and professor, Communication Studies; Janet Vance, director, Human Resources Services; Ivey Wallace, manager of editing and production, Gallaudet Press

New employees hired in July
Matthew Brown, dispatcher/customer service representative, Public Safety

Promotions in July
Karen Cook, interim dean, Career Center; Charity Reedy Hines, executive director of undergraduate admissions and financial aid, Admissions

Retirement in July
Linda Delk, Clerc Center

Service awards for August

Five years:
Kari Bahl, interpreter II, Gallaudet Interpreting Service; Christi Batamula, instructor, Education; Jeffrey Brune, assistant professor, History; Teresa Burke, instructor, Philosophy and Religion; Richard Goodrow, academic web programmer, Academic Technology; Michelle Gough, teacher, Clerc Center; Eugene Mirus, assistant professor/GSR coordinator, American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Studies Program; Kristin Mulrooney, assistant professor, Linguistics; Pamela Rypkema, manager, Risk Management and Insurance; Robert Sanchez, assistant professor, History; Ethan Sinnott, associate professor, Theatre Arts; Luciana Spinosi, teacher, MSSD; Nanette Virnig, athletic specialist, Athletics; David Warn, math teacher, MSSD

Ten years:
Robert Ackley, professor/chair, Audiology; Leticia Arellano, ASL proficiency evaluator, ASD Diagnostic and Evaluation Services; Derek Braun, professor/director, Biology; Genie Chisholm, coordinator of support services, Student Services; Lynn Gorham, accounts payable specialist, Finance Office; Rosa Guerra, custodian, Custodial Services; Joel Krigsman, academic systems engineer, Helpdesk, Media, and Classroom Technology; Teresa Mason, professor/chair, Social Work; Julie Mitchiner, instructor, Education; Jessica Sandle, assistant principal, MSSD; Caroline Solomon, associate professor, Biology; Barbara Stock, associate professor/chair, Philosophy and Religion; Helen Thumann, associate professor/chair, Education

Fifteen years:
Catherine Valcourt-Pearce, coordinator of publications and development, Clerc Center Public Relations and Publications

Twenty years:
Marquessa Brown, B.A. program coordinator/professor, Social Work; Robin Goffen, speech/language pathologist, Audiology; Donna Morere, professor, Psychology; Kathy Pongor, education technology teacher, KDES; Ann Topolosky, educational planner, MSSD

Twenty-five years:
Tonya Gamble, program support specialist, Transportation; Susan Gill-Doleac, assistant director, Gallaudet Dance Company, Physical Education and Recreation; Mona McCubbin, international services program specialist, CPSO; Jane Norman, professor, Communication Studies

Thirty years:
Jane Baldi, language arts teacher, MSSD; Sharon Barnartt, professor/chair, Sociology; Brenda Bishop, PeopleSoft functional analyst, Information Technology Service; Debra Cushner, teacher, KDES; Jane Dillehay, professor/coordinator, General Studies; Gary Hotto, coordinator of admissions, Clerc Center; Ruth Reed, teacher’s aide, KDES; Thelma Schroeder, director, Academic Advising

Thirty-five years:
Barbara Pomeroy, associate professor, Physical Education and Recreation; Florence Vold, assistant professor/B.A. program director, Education

Employees hired in August

Timothy Anderson, ELI trainer, English Language Institute; Jenny Cooper, residential night assistant, Student Life; Akilah English, teaching fellow, KDES; Maria Gabor, ELI trainer, English Language Institute; Elizabeth Henry, instruction and reference/E-resources librarian, Library; Julie Hochgesang, instructor, ASL and Deaf Studies Program; Michael Hollywood, social studies teacher, MSSD; Patricia McKenzie, residential night assistant, Student Life; Maria Saccente, math teacher, MSSD; Dana Sipek, teaching fellow, KDES

Promotions in August

Matthew Bakke, professor/chair, Audiology; Martina Bienvenu, professor, ASL and Deaf Studies Program; Paul Blakely, manager, President’s Office and House One Operations, President’s Office; Jenny Cooper, residential educator, Student Life; Paige Franklin, associate professor, English; Raychelle Harris, assistant professor, ASL and Deaf Studies Program; Christopher Heuer, associate professor, English; Frances Marquez, associate professor, History; Carolyn McCaskill, professor/deaf studies B.A. coordinator, ASL and Deaf Studies; Raymond Merritt, associate professor, Biology; Ava Morrow, professor/internship coordinator, Biology; Regina Nuzzo, associate professor, Math and Computer Science; Sharon Pajka, associate professor, English; David Reekers, acting director, Admissions; Rosalinda Ricasa, assistant professor, English; Ethan Sinnott, associate professor, Theatre Arts; Mary Thumann, assistant professor/internship coordinator, Interpretation; Miako Villanueva, assistant professor, Linguistics; Qi Wang, professor, Business; Christina Yuknis, assistant professor/placement coordinator, Education

Retirements in August

David Armstrong, Administration and Finance; Jane Baldi, MSSD; Scott Bally, Audiology; Jean Berube, Physical Education and Recreation; Sara Gillespie, KDES; Ann Graziadei, Physical Education and Recreation; MaryJune Moseley, Audiology; Jane Rutherford, Library; Rala Stone, Audiology; Judith Termini, Freshman Studies

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