At the V&B Lab, a number of projects are on-going to investigate various assessments for vestibular and balance systems, with special interest in portability and accessibility for diverse populations.

Current and previous projects include: Spatial cognitive functions in deaf/Deaf older adults with and without vestibular impairment; Characteristics of vestibular complaints in deaf adults; Use of virtual reality goggles to replicate six conditions of Sensory Organization Test (AuD research project); Effects of insertion depth of irrigator tip on the magnitude of caloric responses (AuD student project); Effects of caffeine abstinence on oculomotor function tests on videonystagmography (AuD student project); Effects of gaze direction on amplitude of oVEMP (AuD student project); Use of gyroscope to quantify sway magnitude on mCTSIB (AuD student project); Virtual Reality Assessment of Visual Dependence (PhD student project).

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