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The Executive Committee shall serve as UF Representatives to the University Council and shall otherwise meet when called by the UF Chair.


The Executive Committee of the UF Senate shall consist of the three elected officers, two senators, the faculty representative to the Academic Affairs Administrative Team, the faculty representative to the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs committee and the immediately preceding UF Chair.

Name Title / Role Term
William Ennis Assistant Professor/UF Chair/HPRS 2019-2020
Christi Balamula Associate Professor/Vice Chair/STM 2019-2020
Kari Hansen Assistant Professor/UF Secretary/BUS 2019-2020
Teresa Burke Blankmeyer Associate Professor/Faculty Development/HPRS 2019-2020
Gene Mirus Associate Professor/AAMT Rep/ASL&DST 2019-2020
Jeffrey Lewis Professor/At-Large Rep/COU 2019-2020
Laurene Simms Professor/BOT Rep/EDU 2019-2020
Caroline Solomon Professor/Ex-Officio/STM 2019-2020

Updated October 2019

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