Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) established practicum, externship training, internship, and other training for master’s-level, doctoral-level, and post-doctoral-level students in the disciplines of social work, counseling, psychology, and psychiatry.

CAPS is a training site for Gallaudet graduate students from the departments of social work, counseling and psychology:


  • Master’s-level mental health counseling trainees

We prepare professionals to provide mental health services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals. By the end of their training, all trainees will have accomplished the following objectives:

Clinical Skills

  • Be able to evaluate clients and produce an appropriate clinical diagnosis for treatment
  • Be able to develop an appropriate and directed treatment plan for clients
  • Be able to work in direct service provision to individuals and groups (and possibly couples and families)
  • Be able to provide psychological assessment services as appropriate to their level (applies to psychology trainees)

Outreach and Consultation

We develop skills to present to and/or network with the campus community and/or greater Washington area.

Culturally Affirmative Clinical Work

We demonstrate cultural sensitivity related to deaf culture, as well as respect for diversity in all areas of their work.

Professional Identity

  • Develop a sense of their own personal orientation to effective treatment
  • Become aware of the numerous roles they can take in their respective professions
  • Be able to work with a multidisciplinary team, which will require a coordinated effort with others trained in different mental health disciplines.
  • Develop an increased understanding of ethical and legal guidelines, as outlined in the District of Columbia’s laws and the APA ethical codes.


  • Clinical Psychology externs
  • School Psychology practicum students
  • Clinical Psychology practicum students

Social Work

  • Master’s-level social work interns

Other Training Opportunities

  • Post-doctoral psychology fellows
  • Pre-doctoral psychology interns
  • International Trainees
  • George Washington University psychiatric residents
  • Howard University third-year medical students

More information is available in the CAPS Training Brochure. Please Contact Link #2contact us with any questions.


Contact Us

Counseling and Psychological Services

Kellogg Conference Hotel 3203


(202) 651-6080

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