Learn about the core functions of entrepreneurship to bring your ideas to life or bolster your business. CSD Social Venture Fund has partnered with Gallaudet University’s Center of Continuing Education to offer an online self-paced program consisting of four 4-week courses in entrepreneurship. This program is led by Deaf and hard-of-hearing business professionals and will cover important topics like finances, human resources, leadership, and social media and branding. Aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike can find value in this program led by Jasmine Garcia-Freeland, Jonathan Heath Huggins, and Richard Horrell. Courses will cover topics including:
  • Business structures and tax planning
  • Third-party accounting vs in-house accounting
  • Scaling your business without compromising quality
  • Business valuation
  • Defining your business’ value, mission and purpose
  • Creating a business roadmap
  • Identifying your brand
  • Using social media to achieve your business goals
  • The hidden costs of branding
  • Leadership styles and employee empowerment strategies
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Leveraging business law resources
This program costs $331 per four-week course ($331 x 4 courses at $1324 for the total cost of the program). It will be conducted in American Sign Language (ASL) and include captions. Courses may be taken in any order and may be taken individually. To receive the entrepreneurship certificate from CSD, all four courses in the program must be completed.


  • PST-460 How to Create your Own Brand and Utilize Social Media To Make a Difference
    • This Deaf- designed and Deaf-led program in American Sign Language will offer students the resource and strategies to thrive and position their businesses to grow. The course will provide students with the foundation of entrepreneurship: identifying values, missions, and purpose. Students will be provided with Social Venture Fund: Brand guideline workbook to create and develop their branding. Students will leave this course with a guide to jump-start their journey into entrepreneurship and resources to make a difference through social media.
  • PST-461 Unveiling The Leader Within: Proven Methods to Unleash Your Leadership Potential
    • This course covers relational leadership, which is centered on creating safe spaces where your colleagues, teams, customers and clients feel that they belong. This course is led by Richard Horrell, Mozzeria’s CEO, business owner, and lawyer.
  • PST-462 Scaling Your Business: How to Strengthen Your Financial Management
    • Learn to make informed decisions when it comes to your business structure, accounting, taxes, and overall finances.This course will also cover scaling your business. This course is led by Jonathan Heath Huggins; financial director and CPA.
  • PST-463 Navigating Human Resources in Small Business: Cultivating Equity, Productivity, and Morale
    • Explore the fundamentals of HR in small businesses, emphasizing equity, productivity, and morale. This course, guided by Rosa Lee Timm, delves into strategic planning, compliance, and more. Join us to develop expertise tailored for the distinct challenges of small business HR, and cultivate a workplace culture that fosters genuine connections.

Learning Goals

  1. To ensure business owners have access to information and solutions unique to Deaf and hard-of-hearing entrepreneurs in American Sign Language (ASL).
  2. To provide entrepreneurs with the information they need to make critical decisions regarding business structures, finances, risk mitigation, hiring, retention, branding, and more to grow their business.


Contact Rosavetta Jackson, with any questions.



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Rosevetta Jackson

Program Manager of CSD Social Venture Fund

Jonathan Heath Huggins

CSD Social Venture Fund Director of Finance

Richard Horrell

Mozzeria CEO

Rosa Lee Timm

Division President of CSD SVF

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