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Gallaudet University Alumni Cards (1866-1961)

The Gallaudet University Alumni Cards consist of approximately 4,650 cards. These 4 by 6 index cards include the name, class, degree, married name, and subsequent degrees of all Gallaudet alumni who graduated from Gallaudet University between 1866 and 1961.

Each card typically contains detailed information on alumni, such as residences, occupations, achievements as well as dates of marriages and deaths.

The year displayed in the upper right corner of each card represents the member’s class year, followed by the degree granted, either with B.A., M.A., or Honorary Degrees. However, some cards may list a year, but no degree, indicating that the student did not formally graduate from the College.

With respect to the privacy of the Gallaudet University Alumni members, all the Alumni Cards up to the year of 1961 are being displayed. If you wish to obtain information on alumni who graduated after 1961, please contact the Archives.

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