MSS 162

Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, 1820-

Records of Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, 1816-1984

Gallaudet University Archives

Box Description Date
1 Commemorative Plaque of A. L. E. Crouter 1907
1 Commemorative Plaque of Archibald R. Montgomery 1920s
2 Banner of “Pennsylvania School for the Deaf” with a logo n.d.
2 Button of the Basketball Tournament” 1931
2 Button of the E.S.D.A.A Basketball Tournament 1941
2 Football Pin Back Buttons (Three) 1926, n.d.
2 Letter heads of “P” and “I” n.d.
2 Pennant of “PID Mt. Airy” n.d.
2 Pennant of “PID” attached with buttons and a letter of “P” 1922-1936
2 PID Permission Button n.d.
2 Quill Pen with letter heads of “I” and “D” attached n.d.
2 Tickets for Baseball and Football Tournaments 1934-1938
3 A Pair of Cymbals n.d.
3 Conversation Tube n.d.
3 Gavel n.d.
3 Haemacytometer and Haemometer with case with accessories n.d.
3 Hearing Aids Eyeglasses n.d.
3 Hearing Aids with case manufactured by Microtone n.d.
3 Hearing Aids with case manufactured by UNEX n.d.
3 Hearing Aids with case manufactured by Western Electric n.d.
3 Hemoglobinometer with case 1932
4 Copy of Public Ledger dated March 25, 1836 1836
4 Organization Charts 1936-1942
4 Photograph Poster of Ginny J. Thornberg’s Visit to PSD 1980s
4 Posters of Spring Fest 1980-1981
4 Roll List of House of Representative of Pennsylvania 1857
4 Roll List of Senate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1857
4 Sale Advertisements 1880-1890
4 Samples of Certificates of “All-America Deaf Team” n.d.
4 Samples of Certificates of “Life Membership” n.d.
4 Sketch of the Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb by John Haviland 1825
4 Sketches of details of windows 1890s
4 Visible Speech Charts n.d.

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