The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD) recognizes that there are disability related costs above and beyond tuition, fees, room and board. OSWD students are often faced with additional expenses not incurred by other students. These may include, specialized adaptive equipment, expenses for personal use or study such as readers or attendant care providers, transportation costs necessary to pursue an academic program, and medical expenses relating directly to the student’s disabilities which are not covered by insurance.

The Office for Students with Disabilities makes every effort to provide financial assistance to students who are able to demonstrate that they are in need of assistance to continue their education at Gallaudet University. Staff members at the Office for Students with Disabilities work closely with on-campus departments and off-campus organizations and state agencies in every effort to assure that OSWD students receive the optimal benefits for which he/she is eligible.

The Office for Students with Disabilities is a designated University representative for the Newcombe Scholarship Foundation. This privately funded source provides financial assistance to deaf students with other disabilities who qualify for funding. A need-based scholarship, Newcombe funds are awarded each semester to those students who submit their application and meet eligibility requirements. Contingent upon semester funds, students are eligible to receive up to $2,000 per semester.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

An introduction to the various forms of Financial Aid and Scholarships available to Gallaudet Students.

Office for Students with Disabilities

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