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The Academic Intervention Team (AIT) is comprised of members specifically from the Office of Student Success and Academic Quality, Student Affairs, Academic and Career Success, Office of Student Success, and Faculty Student Affairs, and Residence Life and Housing.

The Gallaudet University Academic Intervention Team centralizes academic-related incident information to identify patterns of concerning academic performance and coordinate early intervention across campus units to support students in poor academic standing. The Team has three major tasks: 1) monitoring students who are at risk of academic probation, 2) reviewing and monitoring current students on academic probation and their “academic probation contract” to ensure that they are getting appropriate support, and 3) determination of academic suspension from the University if they fail to comply with their academic probation contract.


This Committee has the following authority:

  • Weekly meetings to monitor current students who are in danger of being on academic probation and those who are currently on academic probation to ensure that their progress is meeting the benchmarks set forth in their academic probation contract
  • Determine formal academic suspension of a student from the University for failing to comply with their academic probation contract
  • Review the 4-week progress report to identify students who might be in danger of being on academic probation
  • Prior to the start of an academic semester, identify a list of students classified as “at-risk” and develop a strategy to ensure they are getting the appropriate resources needed as soon as they arrive on campus
  • Continue to build a strong network of resources of academic support for our students


Name Title / Role
Thomas Horejes Associate Provost of Student Success and Academic Quality
Jerri Lyn Dorminy Director, Student Success
Elizabeth Martinez Faculty and Student Affairs
Susan Hanrahan Director of Residence Life and Housing
Lorenzo Lewis Student Success Coach

Updated August 2019

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