Areas of Study
Team Placement
1st place Model Secondary School for the Deaf
2nd place Florida School for the Deaf
3rd place Pinellas County District
4th place W.T. Woodson High School
Wild Card Team Virginia School for the Deaf
Wild Card Team Texas School for the Deaf
Sportsmanship Award
Georgia School for the Deaf
Louisiana School for the Deaf
Four Year Players Awards
Kenneth Kennedy, Georgia SD
Nathaniel Jacob, Model Secondary SD
Chase Futral, North Carolina SD
Danyeal Davis, Virginia SDB
Taode Ogden, Virginia SDB
Rosie Millett, W.T. Woodson HS
All-Star Players
Talia Gugielmino, Sr., W.T. Woodson HS
Nathaniel Jacob, Sr., Model Secondary SD
Cage Keathley, Sr., Texas SD
Rosie Millett, Sr., W.T. Woodson HS
Taode Ogden, Sr., Virginia SDB
Geoffrey Porter, Fr., Florida SDB
Most Outstanding Player
Vipin Suren, Sr., Pinellas County District

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Peet Hall 412

(202) 651-5000

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