Areas of Study
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First Slide California School for the Deaf, Fremont

Back row: Jenna Kutsov (12), Naomi Brock (10), Rose Crisman (12), Donovan Holmes (10)
Front row: Andrew Phillips, Allison Gibbons

Second Slide California School for the Deaf, Riverside

Back row: Clark Barrett (10), Jared Herman (12), Aspen Goldstein (10), Spencer Willey (12)
Front row: Darren Hause, Alyssa Romano

Third Slide EDCO at Newton North High School

Back row: Cheryl Etoniru, Melissa Phair
Front row: Chloe Jean-Pierre (10), Mykhaylo Berezyuk (12), Sammy Sit (12), Alicia Chang (10)

Fourth Slide Edmonds Woodway High School

Back row: Liberty Williams (10), Matthew Thompson (12), Devon Surge-Sample (12),Nathan Templeman (12)
Front row: Lori Seago, Corey Clark

Fifth Slide Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and Blind

Back row: Zachary Smith (11), Alaina Pooley (10), Maizy Wilcox (10), Connor Wynn (12)
Front row: Candice Larsen, Marcos Aquilar

Sixth Slide Indiana School for the Deaf

Back row: Charles Daube, Mary Kovatch
Front row: Franco Bippus (12), Max Skjeveland (11), Caitlin Lynch (12), Jett Kelly (12)

Seventh Slide John Hersey High School

Back row: Maureen Alvarado, Dana Harris
Front row: Yael Lenga (11), Sergio Cortes (10), Winter Ly (12)

Eighth Slide Kansas School for the Deaf

Back row: Scott Plummer, Julie Bustos
Front row: Taylor Wise (11), Rachel Taylor (12), Josh Brodie (12), Sethan Rolofson (10)

Ninth Slide Lexington School for the Deaf

Left to Right: Charles Wade Phillips, Ahsanur Rashid (12), Elghin Hebrado (11)
Gigi Zheng (12), Edgar Martinez (11), Christian Anazagasti

Tenth Slide Marie Philip School

Back row: Jessica Meehan, Karen Turley
Front row: Tyler Furzland (9), Kyle Florio (9), Zora Elliott-Mendelsohn (9), Dakota Rochette (12)

Eleventh Slide Maryland School for the Deaf

Back row: Amanda Willard, Priscilla Biskupiak
Front row: Tyler Glennon (12), Rayston Fonseca (12), Thalia Guettler (11), Christopher Bell (12)

Twelfth Slide Model Secondary School for the Deaf

Left to Right: Jessy Willoughby, Zander Herbold (11), Theo Conley (12)
John Borkowski, Nate Jacob (11), Frederick Scott (9)

Thirteenth Slide New Mexico School for the Deaf

Back row: Scott Vollmar, Carrie Nichols
Front row: Monica Chavez (10), Bruce Brewer, Jr (9), Dustin Hand (9), Nthabeleng MacDonald (12)

Fourteenth Slide Oklahoma School for the Deaf

Back row: Lawson Pair, Kelsey Jones
Front row: Parker Simpson (10), Ezra Hart (12), Brandyn Mieritz (12), Haden Denney (12)

Fifteenth Slide Pinellas County District

Left to Right: Aaliyah Thomas (10), Tyna Kim (10), Franklin Smith
Tracy Kasch, RJ Brooks (9), Vipin Suren (11)

Sixteenth Slide Rochester School for the Deaf

Back row: Scott Lipitz, Carrie Fisher
Front row: Ben Radez (11), Emma Kane (9), Courtney Gentzke (12), Hunter Williams (12)

Seventeenth Slide Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind

Left to Right: Danyeal Davis (11), Faithlyn Robinson
Monika Diaz (10), Morgan Lavey, Taode Ogden (11), Darren Maxwell (10)

Eighteenth Slide Washington School for the Deaf

Back row: Nicolaus Moore (9), Ethan Jacobs (10), Don Redford IV (12)
Front row: Tyler DeShaw

Nineteenth Slide Wisconsin School for the Deaf

Back row: Casey Kelly, Lucinda Inches
Front row: Brianna Henke (12), Madison Bongard (11), Katie McClyman (10), Caleb Zapadinsky (9)

Twentieth Slide W.T. Woodson High School

Left to Right: Julie Clinch, Talia Guglielmino (11), Rose Millett (11)
Irene Paek (12), Greyson Horn (12), Shan Pillai

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