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Saturday Mar. 30, 9:00am Match 1 Win/Loss
SAC 2212 Venado MSWisconsin SD 4641
SAC MPR ** Metro DSCSD Riverside 3736
Ole Jim Kendall DESRochester SD 4939
Museum ** Indiana SDPhoenix DSD 4737
Saturday Mar. 30, 11:00am Match 2 Win/Loss
SAC 2212 Venado MSCSD Riverside 4439
SAC MPR ** Metro DSWisconsin SD 3533
Ole Jim Indiana SDRochester SD 4338
Museum ** Kendall DESPhoenix DSD 4440
Saturday Mar. 30, 2:00pm Match 3 Win/Loss
SAC 2212 CSD RiversideWisconsin SD 3134
SAC MPR ** Venado MSMetro DS 4624
Ole Jim Kendall DESIndiana SD 4440
Museum ** Phoenix DSDRochester SD 3235
Sunday, Mar. 31, 9:00am Quarterfinals Win/Loss
SAC MPR** (1)KDES(8)MDS 3531
Museum** (4)RSD(5)PDSD 3332
SAC 2212 (3)INSD(6)WISD 35*won tiebreaker35
Ole Jim (7)CSDR(2)VMS 2736
Sunday Mar. 31, 11:00am Semifinals Matches Win/Loss
MPR KDESRSD 3737*won tiebreaker
Museum INSDVMS 3941
Sunday Mar. 31, 2:00pm Championship Match Win/Loss
Elstad Rochester School for the Deaf
Venado Middle School

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