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Project Request Criteria:

Projects that involve any of the following criteria will be required to go through the request and review process:

  • Available funds: Hardware, software, and/or materials purchase in excess of $5,000, or any technology purchase that would require agreement to a contract through University’s contracts and purchasing department (including online agreements to terms and conditions)
  • Available resources: Requires more than 30 hours of GTS staff time to assist with project activities such as requirements, development, testing, configuration, implementation, or ongoing maintenance
  • ANY Gallaudet data that is sent to a third party
  • Requires integration/interfaces or other communication with existing systems, or has anticipated future communication with Gallaudet systems (including single sign-on integration)
  • Requires custom extracts from existing systems
  • Requires a change in the current business process(es)
  • Involves offices that are beyond your own unit (cross-departmental or divisional)
  • Project scheduling – based on all of the above criteria

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For any questions related to current IT Projects, please contact us.

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