IT Governance: ITSC

Senior Gallaudet and Clerc Center administrators, along with Gallaudet Technology Services administrators, provide overview and direction for major IT-related projects. Their guiding principles are:

  • Emphasize Technological Value
  • Commit to Transparency and Continuity
  • Strive for Efficiency
  • Predict and Protect Against Risks

Name Office Role

Dominic Lacy

COO Co-Chair
Richard Baker Gallaudet Technology Services Committee support staff
Suzy McKenzie Gallaudet Technology Services Committee support staff
Glenn Lockhart University Communications Member
Earl Parks  Gallaudet Technology Services Member
Jacquelyn Lally  Gallaudet Technology Services Member
John Skjeveland  Clerc Center Member
Khadijat Rashid  Academic Affairs Member
Lindsay Buchko Institutional Research Member
Robert Sanchez  Academic and Career Success Member
Travis Imel Student Affairs Member
Stephen Farias Clerc Center Member
William Albright CBO Member

Revised: November 2023

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Technology Services

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(202) 651-5300

(202) 651-5023

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