Navigating to the Student Center Online Enrollment Adding a class Dropping a Class

Navigating to the Student Center

Once you are logged into PeopleSoft, the screen will look like this: Now, Click on Self Service hyperlink.Result: The Student Center page with Sub-menu choices appear as below:

Online Enrollment

The Student Center under the Self Service menu will display your class schedule, to do list, personal information, and links to your academic information. For questions about the Student Center, contact the Registrar’s Office at Contact here or 202-651-5393 TTY/voice. Adding a class
  1. In the Student Center, click the Enroll link that is located to the left of the class schedule or select from the drop-down menu and click on the icon. The “Add Classes” page appears:
  2. If you know the class number you would like to enroll for, enter the class number and skip steps 3 to 5.
  3. To search for a class click the button. The class search page appears:
  4. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will search for an “Art 140” class. Select “Art” from the Course Subject drop-down menu, search for “140” as the exact course number and click the button. The search results for Art 140 appears below:
  5. Select ART 140 from the list by pressing the button.
  6. The Add Classes page appears with the class details as below:
  7. Click the button to begin enrolling in this class.
  8. The class will be added to your shopping cart and the page will look like this:
  9. To complete the enrollment process, click the button.
  10. You will be asked to confirm the classes you are interested in enrolling in, to confirm, click on the button.
  11. If there are no errors then you will receive a confirmation message similar to the one below:
Dropping a class
  1. Select the class you would like to drop. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will drop ENG 250-02. To do so, click the checkbox for ENG 250-02.
  2. Next, click the <imgheight=”30″ src=”/images/Gallaudet-Technology-Services/bison/screenshots/drop_course_button.png” width=”184″/>button. The confirmation page appears as shown below:
  3. If you would like to drop this class, click the button.
  4. If there are no errors then you will receive a confirmation message similar to the one below:

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