Standards work and technical assistance from the RERC is being provided to stakeholders (e.g., consumers, industry, standards bodies) across a range of issues that include, but are not limited to:
1) Compatibility and Connectivity between hearing devices and other technologies: ANSI ASC C63 on Electromagnetic Compatibility S8 WG19 – compatibility between wireless communication devices and hearing aids, standards activity within the International Telecommunications Union and the Bluetooth Special Interest Groups on hearing device connectivity, and the Wireless HAC Refresh;
2) Policy and Regulatory Intersection between emerging mainstream wearable technologies that can provide hearing assistance and more traditional hearing assistive technology and devices: Consumer Technology Association activities on personal sound amplification products;
3) Technology Design Considerations for use in cases specific to consumers who are hard of hearing or deaf: Results from the RERC’s focus groups in Project D1 will inform this issue by helping to develop a better understanding of the user experience from the perspective of hard of hearing and deaf consumers and then helping to effectively communicate that to industry for use in products beginning at the design and development phase; and
4) Other technical standards activity, including real- time text policy and standardization: ATIS IMSESINet real-time text standardization, FCC rulemaking on real- time text.

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