The Englands’ partnership With Gallaudet & Philanthropy

Educational philanthropists Richard and Lois England of Washington, D.C., have pledged $250,000 to Gallaudet to establish the Richard and Lois England Hillel Program and the Richard and Lois England Scholarship. The Hillel Program fund is intended to support holiday services, dinners, and other activities organized by Gallaudet’s Hillel, the organization for Jewish life on campus, while the scholarship is open for students at the University’s discretion.

The Englands’ partnership with Gallaudet goes back many years. Since 1993, the Lois and Richard England Foundation has contributed to the University. Richard England has been a member of the University Society, a distinction that goes to donors who have contributed $100,000 or more to Gallaudet. He has also served on the University’s Board of Associates since 1994, advising the president and assisting with the board’s mission to help the University develop a high-quality network of employers and benefactors to ensure the future success of Gallaudet and its students.

Richard England is both a successful businessman and supporter of many institutions in the Washington, D.C. community. He worked for 45 years at Hechinger do-it-yourself stores, nurturing the business from just a few stores in the Washington area to a regional presence. The establishment, in 1999, of two new public schools in the Columbia Heights section of Washington was one of his projects. He helped to create a program in 2008 to teach chess in the District of Columbia public schools, promoting self-discipline, positive social skills, and increased self-esteem.

The couple was honored at a November 2 reception at the home of James F.X. Payne, senior vice president/general manager of national security and cyberinfrastructure at Telcordia Technologies, Inc. and chair of the Board of Associates. “Mr. England has rarely, if ever, missed a meeting,” Payne said at the gathering. “He supports the University as a representative throughout the community, he attends events on behalf of Gallaudet, and he and Lois have been active members of this community.”

“My wife, Lois, and I are truly honored to be invited here this evening,” said Richard England, who thanked Payne and his wife, Christine, for hosting the event. “We consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of the Greater Washington community, and especially of the Gallaudet community.”
“Your dedication strengthens this University and heartens us all,” President Hurwitz said of the Englands.

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