Gallaudet University is committed to providing an educational climate that is conducive to the personal and professional development of each student. To further that commitment, Gallaudet University has developed procedures in which student complaints and grievances may be addressed. In all cases, students are advised to put their concerns in writing and carefully document the events that led to the complaint or grievance.

Because it is sometimes confusing as to which of the procedures should be followed, students are advised to contact Travis Imel, Student Grievance Coordinator ( 202-250-2398 (VP) for advice on which procedure to follow. Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible after the event occurs. This is important as some complaint or grievance procedures have specific deadlines that must be adhered to.

Student Grievance Guidelines

For any complaint or grievance that qualifies as a grievable action under the Student Grievance Guidelines, a Student Grievance Form needs to be completed and submitted to Travis Imel, Student Grievance Coordinator, to initiate the student grievance process. The form can be found online or a paper copy can be picked up from the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs (located in Ely Center #102). To review a list of complaints and grievances that qualifies as a grievable action, please review Section III: Definition of Grievable Actions under the Student Grievance Guidelines.

For complaints and grievances that are considered non-grievable actions under the Student Grievance Guidelines, there are procedures to have these complaints and grievances heard. Please click on the Resources link found on the left bar of this webpage for more information.

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