Appendix A: Guide to Identifying Revenue Generating Activities and Program Income

Any external or internal sale that results from a sponsored activity is likely to be program income. If the activity will be partly or fully supported by sponsored funds, it is program income. A non-exhaustive list of examples of program income includes:

  • Income from fees for services performed such as laboratory tests;
  • Money generated from the use, sale, or rental of equipment purchased with project funds;
  • Proceeds from the sale of supplies or equipment purchased or fabricated with project funds;
  • Proceeds from the sale of software, tapes, or publications;
  • Income from the sale of research materials such as animal models;
  • Fees from participants at conferences or symposia; and
  • Sales of products with an accompanying material transfer agreement.
  • Income generated from license fees and royalties on patents and copyrights is included in the federal definition of program income. However, unless federal awarding agency regulations or the terms of the sponsored project specifically state that income generated from license fees and royalties on patents must be reported as program income, Gallaudet has no obligation to the federal government with respect to this program income.

Even if the PI includes this income in the proposal budget calculations, it will be program income. For example, if conference fees are to be used to cover part of the cost of the project, this revenue is still program income. The PI must inform the department Chair and Finance office as soon as it becomes apparent that there is actual or a potential for generating program income so that the appropriate plans can be made for managing and monitoring the program income award.

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