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The National Science Foundation (NSF) requires financial information be submitted quarterly. The Finance will use the following procedures to file the financial reports.

  • Log onto the Fastlane web site and click on the Financial Functions. Then click on the Federal Financial report (FFR) For the Quarter ending date that you are submitting.
  • Print out from the PeopleSoft accounting system the grants expenditures for the calendar quarter that you are reporting online. Total up for each grant all of the expenses for this quarter that have not been previously reported during the last quarter. If the Primary Investigator has not reviewed the expenses, report them anyway. Make a note on the file for the next quarter, so that if any expense is transferred off of the grant, the adjustment should be posted during the next quarter.
  • Print out from the NSF Cash Request History. Review all posting to the grant’s revenue account with the cash draws that were done during this quarter online. At the end of the fiscal year, the cash draw will be posted to the general ledger accounts receivable #1228 account.
  • Step 1 on the FFR report, you can only update the column, Federal Share of Expenditures (Cumulative Cash Disbursements) A3. This is where you report the total from the PeopleSoft accounting system for expenses plus the amount shown on the column Previous Cumulative Cash Disbursement A2. Due to timing issues you may have more expenses listed than cash draws that have been done. Click on Save and then go to step 2 FFR.
  • Step 2 Verify all of the data listed, save. Print out each page once you have finished it. The file should be reviewed and approved by the Controller prior to submission and a copy retained for the file.
  • Once the Controller has approved the data, type the necessary information required for Certification, save and then forward for Certification.
  • The Assistant Treasurer is the current person that has to log onto the NSF system and submit the Certification from the NSF Fastlane system. You will also get an email from NSF that your FFR has been submitted. Print out this page and retain it in the file for this quarter’s filing.
  • Update the quarterly Federal Cash Transfer reconciliation schedule and provide to the Controller for review. At fiscal year-end, ensure that the quarterly filings reconcile to the OMB Circular A-133 Schedule of Federal Awards noted on the audit report.

Should any banking information change you must go online under “Grantee EFT Update” and update this information.

The NSF has full instructions with screens about filling out these quarterly reports online and are found at the Fastlane web site.

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