1.04 Alcoholic Beverages

Last Revised: 16 May 2008 Refer Questions to: Manager, Risk Management and Insurance or Executive Director, Student Affairs This policy applies to faculty, teachers, staff, students, and guests in all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University. Gallaudet University complies with all applicable laws related to...


2.01 Budget Responsibility

Last Revised:31 January 2020 Refer Questions to: Administration and Finance, Interim CFO This policy applies to all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University. Gallaudet University receives a significant amount of funding from the Federal Government through the U.S. Department of Education. The President is responsible...


Gallaudet Reunion Day Two: An Overview

The first full day of Gallaudet University's 150th Reunion on Thursday, July 10 offered attendees a full slate of events ranging from a plenary session to a competition that pitted graduating classes against each other in a test of knowledge. The Gallaudet University Alumni Association...


Visionary Leader – December 2013, David Peikoff

Activist, organizer, scholarship founder, fundraiser, advocate, journalist, and leader are all words that describe the late David Peikoff, '29, who served the U.S. and Canadian deaf communities for 70 years. In recognition of his accomplishments, Peikoff has been selected as Gallaudet's Visionary Leader for December....


5.21 Dismissal

Last Revised: 11 May 2007 Refer Questions to: Vice President, Clerc Center This policy applies to regular status and extended temporary status teachers in the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center (Clerc Center) at Gallaudet University. Conditions may arise which call for the dismissal of...


Glossary for Grant Policy Documents

The terms found in this glossary are a compilation of terms found in the individual grant policy documents. Terms Definition and Examples Acquisition Cost Acquisition cost is the cost to purchase an asset and make it available for use. Acquisition cost includes the purchase price...


Success Stories – Social Work

All recent Social Work bachelor's degree recipients are employed (70 percent) or in graduate school (30 percent) within one year of graduation. Several continue their studies at Gallaudet, which offers an M.S.W. program that prepares students for leadership in organizations serving deaf and hard of...


3.11 Retirement and Medicare

Last Revised: 24 Oct 1977 Refer Questions to: Director, Human Resources This policy applies to faculty, teachers, and staff in all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University. By an Act of Congress, all regular status employees participate in the Federal retirement systems (Civil Service Retirement...


NFSD Grand Opening

Transcript Meredith Peruzzi: If I could have everyone's attention, please. If everyone could please take their seats. Hello, everyone out there. If you could just take a moment to find your seats, please. Good morning, everyone. Welcome to one of the early events on the...

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