State of the University (SOTU)

Gallaudet’s State of the University (SOTU) is the President’s platform to update the community on the latest progress of the University.

University Welcome Home Address

Join us for Gallaudet University’s annual welcome ceremony & Welcome Home address by President Roberta J. Cordano & other community members.

Parent & Families Guide

College is a significant life choice—Gallaudet is here to help! Get involved in your child's education using the Parents and Families Guide.

Signing ecosystem

The signing ecosystem highlights the Deaf Ecosystem & allies working toward collective empowerment & becoming more self-reliant.

Miller Memorial

The Louise B. Miller Pathways & Gardens is a safe space to engage with others, explore history & build a path forward for intersectionality.

Why Gallaudet

Why Gallaudet? We are the world leader in liberal education and career development for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Charge Ahead Dual Enrollment (CADE)

Get a head start on college with Charge Ahead Dual Enrollment (CADE) by Gallaudet University for high school deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing students. Earn college credit, take fewer classes in college, save money on college tuition, and be prepared for your future with our accredited programs.

The University online directory provides contact information for all Gallaudet university faculty and staff

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