Areas of Study

Office of Research

The Office of Research focuses on enhancing the intellectual climate of Gallaudet by encouraging, facilitating, and disseminating research.


Marketing, Communications, and Undergraduate Admissions

Our purpose is to tell the Gallaudet Story so that the world recognizes the value of Deaf people across the spectrum of identities.


Student Health Services

The Student Health Services at Gallaudet University is to keep our student population healthy. Medical and nursing services provided at Student Health Service include assessment and treatment of common illnesses and injuries...



Our center offers a comprehensive set of audiology services including hearing evaluations, hearing aid and device assessment and fitting, as well as assessments for central auditory processing.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants, Toddlers and their Families: Collaboration and Leadership Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate

This hybrid program (online with two weekends of on-campus instruction) provides professionals with an overview of professional and ethical practices, communication and language(s), families, and developmental assessment and programming. Candidates will acquire leadership, advocacy, and collaboration skills that promote age and developmentally appropriate outcomes for...


Ph.D. in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences

The Ph.D. program in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences prepares students with a master’s or clinical doctorate in a related field (e.g., Au.D., M.S. in SLP) for faculty and research positions in universities and other research facilities. The Ph.D. program consists of coursework in research...


PhD Program in Educational Neuroscience (PEN)

Students in our pioneering PEN program gain state-of-the-art Cognitive Neuroscience training in how humans learn with access to Gallaudet's Motion Light Lab, Petitto Brain and Language Lab, and more.


M.A. in Interpretation: Combined Interpreting Practice and Research

The M.A. in Interpretation: Combined Interpreting Practice and Research prepares and educates individuals to work as professional interpreters. The program provides an interdisciplinary approach to interpretation instruction as it provides courses in education, business and government, medical, mental health, and legal settings. These courses impart...


M.A. in Deaf Studies: Cultural Studies

Students in the Master's in Deaf Studies program will gain further insight into the deaf community through a deeper dive into a diverse program of study ranging from critical theory and philosophy to public policy and advocacy. Upon graduation, students will be ready to work...


Au.D. in Audiology

The Au.D. program is designed to produce audiologists who function independently in all diagnostic and rehabilitative settings, serving individuals of all ages, and abilities. The program offers an intensive, interdisciplinary curriculum combined with integrated sequential clinical experience.

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