Areas of Study

Center for Black Deaf Studies (CBDS)

The Center for Black Deaf Studies (CBDS) operates as an outreach center for teaching and learning about the Black Deaf experience and provide easy access to a range of useful content resources.


Honors Program

The Honors Program is at the forefront of developing the next generation of great thought leaders. The program provides students with an advanced academic experience that is both challenging and rewarding, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in competitive job markets...

Library and Archives

Learn from the past, study for the future Library and Archives Visit the University Library Explore the Archives Explore our expanse of information resources and study space at the Gallaudet University Library or discover world-leading research and artifacts from the cultural history of the Deaf...


University Library

The Gallaudet University Library provides students, faculty, and Gallaudet visitors with the best information resources Gallaudet has to offer. Our library has plentiful resources and equipment along with a helpful staff to serve your academic needs.

Consortium of Universities

Consortium of Universities Expand Your Education Explore other universities, libraries, and courses at no extra cost to you!  Gallaudet University is proud to be a part of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area.Gallaudet also participates in the Consortium of Online Colleges and...


Translation in the Science of Learning Lab (TL2)

TL2 acts as a gateway between VL2 research discoveries and schools, families and homes, museums, libraries, medical clinics, policymakers, and more.


ML2: VL2 Storybook Apps and Storybook Creator

VL2 Storybook Apps are custom designed on a platform called The VL2 Storybook Creator, a template for Xcode, which allows people with no programming experience to create bilingual reading apps. The goal is to build a global digital library by offering training and setting collaborations.

History & Traditions

Cultural influence & milestones, Centuries in the making History & Traditions Signed. Sealed. Chartered. In 1864, Gallaudet University became federally funded when President Abraham Lincoln signed the charter bill into law, leading to our first commencement in 1869–whose attendees included none other than President Ulysses...

Campus Contacts

Contact Gallaudet University Campus Contacts Email Call (202) 651-5000 Address Gallaudet University, 800 Florida Ave. NE, Chapel Hall, Suite 102 Washington, DC 20002 MediaInquiries Undergraduate Admissions GraduateAdmissions Center for Continuing and Online Education Registrar Office FinancialAid Student Financial Services Residence Life &Housing Human Resources PublicSafety...

Student Support

Supporting the whole self Student Support Student Success and Academic Quality First Year Resources Your Health Career Support First Year Resources Your Health Career Support Academic Support Campus Support Financial Aid Programs and Services Academic Support Campus Support Financial Aid Programs and Services Gallaudet’s Student...

The University online directory provides contact information for all Gallaudet university faculty and staff

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