Areas of Study

Student Affairs

Student Affairs contribute to students' personal development and academic growth through an array of high-quality and comprehensive learning opportunities in a supportive campus environment. Through several units working in collaboration, Student Affairs is able to provide student-centered programs and services build to provide a bridge...


Minor in Athletic Coaching

Our Athletic Coaching minor is composed of courses in the foundations of recreation, event planning, and the measurement and management of physical education, recreation, and sports. Students develop the basic competencies to coach in youth sports environments and at the interscholastic level.



The Transportation Department safely transports students to and from school, brings athletic teams to competitions, and takes students to extra-curricular activities. As a part of the department's dedication to safety, drivers possess commercial driver's licenses and submit to annual and random drug testing, saff members...


Physical Education & Recreation

Turn your love of sports into a career with our Physical Education & Recreation programs. Our physical education major allows you to tailor your program to prepare for teacher certification exams while our minors develop leadership, management, and many other skills.


Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) prohibits discrimination based on gender in educational programs, which receive federal financial assistance. Title IX also protects students and employees from unlawful sexual harassment in school programs and activities.


Bison Shop Bookstore

The Bison Shop is owned and operated by Gallaudet University and is an official retailer of Gallaudet University apparel. We serve students, faculty, and the community with deaf-related books, supplies, textbooks, gifts, and merchandise. Our Goals are to satisfy the varied and changing needs of...


Minor in Sport Management

Students in our sport management program will be prepared for sports-related careers such as athletic directors, sport program managers, intramural coordinators, and sports organization administrators.



The Athletics Department is committed to promoting the academic and athletic success of our student-athletes. Gallaudet's Athletic teams embrace an image and identity that fosters a sense of pride in the competitiveness, ethics, and integrity of the program. Student-athletes and fans alike will revel in...


Champions Live Here Athletics CHAT WITH ONE OF OUR COACHES Visit Athletics Website Get Your BISON GEAR & APPAREL Gain the confidence to bring your best–and nothing less–to the table as a member of a Gallaudet Athletics team. Gallaudet student-athletes are hardworking, disciplined champions on...


Athletics and Physical Education

The Athletics and Physical Education Department builds robust and comprehensive physical education and athletic programs that promote physical fitness and health for all students, in addition to developing well-rounded student-athletes on and off the field.

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