Areas of Study

Institutional Advancement

Institutional Advancement maintains a proud tradition of research and scholarly activity to prepare graduates for career opportunities. Through the engagement of graduates, families, friends, corporations, and foundations, Institutional Advancement staff ensure an active and committed alumni community.


ASL and English Bilingualism

The ASL and English Bilingualism Office carries out Gallaudet's commitment to be the premier university for deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, and deaf-disabled colleagues to thrive openly in ASL and written English. Put into action, the office fosters an intentional, inclusive, and supportive environment designed...


Science, Technology, Accessibility, Mathematics, and Public Health

The Science, Technology, Accessibility, Mathematics, and Public Health (STAMP) office is dedicated to increasing the number of deaf and hard of hearing professionals in the science, technology, accessibility, mathematics, and public health (STAMP) fields. All students in the STAMP department have access to state-of-the-art laboratories...


University Communications

University Communications strategically plans and executes internal and external messages and stories. Beyond students and faculty, our University Communications reach prospective students and their parents, alumni, donors, members of Congress, the Washington, D.C. business community, media outlets, and deaf and hard of hearing people throughout...


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Information Technology

Information technology professionals harness computer technology to serve the needs of business, government, healthcare, education, manufacturing, entertainment, and other sectors.


Psy.D. in School Psychology

The specialist (Psy.D) in school psychology program creates competent doctoral-level school psychologists who possess a sub-specialization in working with and serving deaf and hard of hearing children and skilled in the delivery of multiple services in a variety of settings.


IDMA Program Monthly Journal (MOJO)

The IDMA Program Monthly Journal (MOJO) trains professionals in critical theories and methods to advance social change efforts at an international level. Read now for past issues of MOJO.


Master of Public Administration

Students in the Master of Public Administration program graduate ready to work in the public sector and with non-profit organizations. The program specializes in providing students with the skills and knowledge to work with deaf colleagues who work in federal government agencies.


Specialist (Psy.S.) in School Psychology

The program offers a specialist degree (Psy.S) in school psychology with a specialization in deafness and includes a master's degree (M.A.) in developmental psychology. The program provides a comprehensive plan of study that integrates basic psychology, practitioner skills, and educational planning. Students can expect a...

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