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A list of office forms is online.

Official Letterhead Certifications

Students may submit to the Registrar’s Office a signed request for certification/verification of enrollment status for the current active term/semester or summer session, the most current academic year, or a full enrollment history. Instructions and printable PDF forms are available online.

Students may also request declared major programs, “academic standing,” anticipated date of graduation, and degree award certification. Only academic information is certified. The Registrar’s Office strongly advises not to request release of your SSN with your certification.

Students may request up to 5 certification copies per signed request and are asked to give good accurate delivery information for each certification request.

Authorized Certification Vendor

National Student Clearinghouse will certify current enrollment, degree award, career, and anticipated date of graduation for institutions outside Gallaudet.

Its database is used by:

  • Private student loan lenders (excludes Direct Student Loan lenders)
  • Employers
  • Background check agencies
  • Banks for personal loans
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance companies
  • Scholarship providers
  • Other educational institutional enrollment certifications

National Student Loan Data System

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is the U.S. Department of Education’s central database designed for student aid processes and tracking.

If you need certification of active student status, enrollment, anticipated date of graduation, and degree award for your non-private Department of Education – Federal Student Loans, known as “Direct Student Loans” under Title IV, please bring your deferment forms to the Registrar’s Office.

Be sure to complete your student information areas, make your selections, and sign/date the deferment form before submitting. Include your lender’s full business name, the office/department of attention, mailing address, and facsimile number with your form if not already given by your lender on the deferment form. Do not enter any information in the authorized official’s certification area.

All University information will be certified from current official records. Once your deferment has been approved, your lender can access NSDLS to confirm your continued enrollment status with Gallaudet.

These certifications will only be valid while you are enrolled at least half-time status with Gallaudet (summers excluded).

Certification Forms

The following forms may be submitted to the Registrar’s Office with a student signed release. The Registrar’s Office will complete them with a signature and seal and then send them to the requested address.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation forms: These vary from state to state and regionally within the United States.
  • Judicial System (non-Gallaudet) forms: These may be submitted for legal counsel with regard to processing.
  • Licensure/Accreditation PRAXIS certification forms: These must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office with the student’s personal signed statement of request; the student must include mailing information/instructions. The forms will be reviewed and passed on as appropriate to the Office of Academic Quality with your academic record. NOTE: Transcript requests are processed independently so the student/alumni must submit both with clear instructions for proper coordinated desired results.
  • Office of Academic Quality
  • Campus third-party enrollment certification forms requiring Registrar’s signature or University seal:
    • GTS
    • Residence Life
    • Student Affairs
    • Career Education & Professional Development (Office for Career Success)
    • Advisor/Department
    • Campus Activities
    • Athletics
    • SHS
    • SFS
    • DPS
    • GIS
    • OSWD
    • GU Child Care
    • Tutoring Center
    • Audiology Clinic
    • Study Abroad
    • Student Organizations
  • Veterans Administration Certification Request: Students eligible for veteran’s educational benefits need to submit a signed VA request to the Registrar’s Office to have current semester enrollment status information certified.
  • Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation (various forms from the VA-VR Official): Mailing/faxing and a third-party signed academic release of information is required.
  • Transient Gallaudet undergraduate students, attending another educational institution during the summer, may have a form or letter of student status during transience completed upon request at the Registrar’s Office with the Transfer Credit Specialist.
  • Official U.S. Government, state or local forms should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office only if the information required is not available through the National Student Clearinghouse. Such forms may be submitted for review and appropriate completion action to be taken or guidance provided
  • International Government, Provincial, and Regional Forms: Refer to the information below.
  • Internship program certification forms may be submitted for review with appropriate action or guidance provided

International Student Enrollment Verification/Certification Procedures

Students may have special forms to show enrollment status and program information (possibly including tuition/fee information for a semester). Students should submit a student certification request form with student information and delivery information. Gallaudet University uses Social Security Numbers for identification, a U.S. standard that will differ from identification numbers used in other countries.

Students may submit their forms in English only to the Registrar’s Office for appropriate review and processing. Forms in another foreign language and/or lacking English instructions may require special servicing. The foreign instructions and areas of requested certification information may need to be officially transliterated by a special university transliteration/interpreting service acknowledged by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACROA).

Additional Information

  • All certification requests are processed in order of receipt and processed with information currently contained in official records. Changes are not made without official procedures used. Contact us if you have questions.
  • Personal proprietary information is not part of an academic certification. Forms may include this information along with a signed academic release but are not considered “academic information.”
  • Students may request a “text box”‘ outside a certification to give reference information for student/parent insurance numbers or accounts.
  • Future terms are not certified with “registered/enrolled status” information. Students must be active for the semester certified as “registered/enrolled” with their course schedule and business registration complete.
Academic Certifications and Verifications

Plenty of organizations, institutions, and services may require proof of your being enrolled at Gallaudet University, including insurance companies, scholarship providers, military officials, prospective employers, student housing providers, and more. For these situations, you'll want an academic verification from the University. Enrollment status depends on...

Office of the Registrar

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Apostille Guide

Foreign countries may require documents to be certified to be acceptable. An "Authentication" and "Apostille" certifies the signature and the position of the official who has executed, issued, or certified a copy of a document. The sole function of an apostille or authentication is to...

Office of the Registrar

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