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  • No vehicle may park in a handicapped parking space at any time without the appropriate authorization. Violators will be ticketed one time and booted or towed thereafter.
  • No vehicle may be parked anywhere on campus that is not designated as a parking area.
  • No vehicle may be parked in a loading zone unless actually engaged in loading or unloading. Parking in a loading zone is limited to 20 minutes.
  • All parking signs, whether temporary or permanent, must be obeyed.
  • When parked, a vehicle must be within the boundaries of the single marked parking space.
  • Vehicles may not be double-parked or parked in any position that prevents other vehicles from exiting or entering a legal parking space.
  • Motorcycles are restricted to parking in designated areas.
  • People with documented disabilities are eligible for permits that allow them to park in designated parking spaces for easier access. These permits are not transferable to others.
  • No vehicle may park in a way that would restrict entry or exit from a vehicle in a designated parking space for people with disabilities.
  • No vehicle may be parked more than 12 inches away from the curb.
  • No vehicle may be parked within 10 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • No vehicle may be parked or left standing in a fire lane.
  • No vehicle may be parked within 25 feet of any STOP sign.
  • No vehicle may be parked in front of, and no person may move, a barricade or sign that has been placed for the purpose of closing a road, parking lot, or parking space.
  • No vehicle may be parked in a manner so as to obstruct or limit the entrance to any garage or parking lot.
  • No vehicle may be parked or held with the left wheel to the curb unless the street is designated as one way and the vehicle is facing the direction of traffic.
  • No vehicle may obstruct trash or recycling receptacles.
  • No vehicle may be parked in a way that will obstruct a fire escape or emergency exit of a building.
  • No vehicle parked in an area not designated or intended for parking.
  • DPS must be notified if a vehicle will be left on campus unattended for a week or more.
  • Notes of explanation left on vehicles to avoid citations are not honored.
  • Mopeds and bicycles must be parked at bike racks; they may not be fastened to trees, railings, parking meters, light posts, etc.
  • No boat, trailer, or other equipment that is not considered a moving vehicle may be parked on campus.
  • Motor homes may be parked on campus for up to one week with the approval of the Department of Public Safety. Sleeping in a motor home is not permitted.


  • No vehicle may be driven in an area not designated or intended for vehicular traffic or in a parking area.
  • All traffic signs, whether temporary or permanent, must be obeyed.
  • Drivers of vehicles must have a valid driver’s license and registration card.
  • All individuals driving on campus must comply with directions given by DPS personnel, including student representatives.
  • No person may operate a vehicle that is in an unsafe mechanical condition.
  • Vehicles driven on campus must have their headlights on between sunset and sunrise.
  • All vehicles entering a roadway from a side street or parking lot must yield the right of way to all other traffic.
  • No person may operate a vehicle while under the influence of any intoxicant, including alcohol or drugs.
  • No person may operate a vehicle in any manner that may affect the safety of others.
  • No person may drive a vehicle from a standstill position so as to break traction or exhibit substantial speed.
  • No person may leave a vehicle unattended with the motor running.
  • Persons operating or riding on a motorcycle must sit on a permanently attached seat.
  • Proper equipment must be worn while operating or riding on a motorcycle.
  • No person may ride in any vehicle or upon any portion of a vehicle that is not designed or intended for passengers.
  • No vehicle may be operated or used in a way to cause unnecessary or disturbing noise.
  • No vehicle may be used for towing unless it is properly equipped to tow according to the law.

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