These situations include any action that is a danger to the community, such as a hostage situation, gunfire/sniper, kidnapping, rape, murder, gang activity, or any other form of violent behavior. The following procedures are to be followed:

Contact DPS immediately. You should explain the nature of the incident, the location, description of people involved, and description of property involved. Some situations, as described below, may make it difficult or impossible to notify DPS of the emergency.

Responding to gunfire/sniper

Should you hear or see gunfire, or a sniper is firing a weapon on or near campus, you should take cover immediately using any means possible to hide.

Conduct while being held hostage

If you are being held hostage, try to remain calm and be alert to situations that you can use to your advantage. Remember that the primary objective is your safety. Do not attempt to fight back or struggle physically. Avoid making remarks to your abductors that might anger them. Comply with the instructions of your abductors as well as you can.

Whenever possible, try to remember the characteristics of your abductors-their habits, surroundings, mannerisms, etc. Try to remember all movements including length of time traveled, direction, distances, landmarks along the way, odors and sounds, etc.

Do not attempt to escape unless it is indicated that your life is in immediate danger. Before you act, think carefully about what action will give you the best possible chance for survival.

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