Power Outage

In the event of a power outage in your area, remain calm and follow these steps:

  • Remain where you are and open all available blinds/shades/curtains to receive outside light.
  • If you are in an unlighted area without windows, go cautiously to an area that has emergency lights or outside light.
  • If telephones are working, call and report the outage to DPS –note: TTYs will not work unless they have a battery backup feature.. Wait for further instructions from University or emergency personnel.
  • If you are in an elevator, stay calm. Use the emergency button to alert Security personnel.

Water Line/Sewer Failure

In the event of a water line/sewer failure, remain calm and follow these steps:

  • Notify the Department of Public Safety immediately at contact us. Advise them of the severity and location of the problem. Indicate if any objects are in imminent danger.
  • Use extreme caution if any electrical appliances/outlets are near the water. Stop using all electrical equipment.
  • If the source of the water is known and you are confident you can stop it safely, (i.e. unclog the drain, turn off the water), do so cautiously.
  • Assist with protecting objects from water damage by removing them from the area.
  • If directed to evacuate, follow the same directions for a building evacuation.

Gas Line Rupture

In the event of a gas line rupture or aroma of gas in a building, remain calm and follow these steps:

  • Evacuate the building immediately! Ask others to follow you on the way out. DO NOT call anyone. DO NOT switch on/off the lights. DO NOT shut down any electrical equipment. Electrical arching can trigger an explosion.
  • Once outside the building, immediately contact us. Give them information concerning the location of the smell.
  • Remain at a safe distance from the building, including windows.
  • Do not enter the building until DPS or Washington Gas declares the building safe for reentry

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