The University Notification System is a system that includes several methods of notification which are not based on sound. If an emergency occurs, any method or combination of methods may be used to communicate about the emergency and procedures to follow.

University Notification System

  • Fire Bell/Strobe Light – People should evacuate the building and go to an Assembly Area.
  • Campus wide email – Follow instructions on the email.
  • Blackboard (Bb) Connect – Follow instructions on the message.
  • Alertus Emergency Notification Beacons – Follow the instructions in the message.
  • Emergency Broadcast Announcement – pop-up message on computers
  • Flashing Blue Lights at Blue Emergency Button Stations -The flashing lights symbolize an immediate campus evacuation to the Primary Evacuation Site (or Secondary Evaluation Site if the primary site is affected.)
  • Cable TV interrupt – An emergency broadcast message that will interrupt all channels. Follow displayed instructions.
  • Person-to-person messages – spread by people in the buildings.
  • Emergency and evacuation signage on exit doors. Follow instructions on the signs.
  • Orange Flags on DPS bicycles and vehicles– Same as flashing blue lights–evacuate to the primary (or secondary site) immediately.

Evacuation sites

In the event of a building evacuation, building occupants should move to an assembly area near the building’s main entrance, away from pathways and streets (which should be kept open for emergency vehicles and personnel).

The primary evacuation site for the University is the Field House. KDES and MSSD primary and secondary evacuation sites are the gyms of their respective buildings. If neither gym is available, then the Kellogg Conference Hotel is the back-up evacuation site.

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