If you are stopped by a police officer on or off campus, you have certain rights and responsibilities.

RIGHT: You have a right to clear communication. Most DPS officers sign, and they are continually improving their skills. The Metropolitan Police Department has 30 sign language interpreters under contract who are available 24 hours each day, 7 days per week.

RESPONSIBILITY: If you are stopped by a police officer who may be investigating a crime or violation and asks you for information that might be helpful, you should try your best to answer the questions.

RIGHT: If, however, you are a suspect or are under arrest, you have a right to have your Constitutional rights explained to you before you answer any questions. This is called the Miranda warning. Under these circumstances you can refuse to answer any questions and to have a lawyer with you before and during any questioning.

RESPONSIBILITY: You have a responsibility to look out for your friends and other students. If you see something happening, get help quickly!

RIGHT: Ordinarily, you may not be detained for more than a reasonable length of time. If an officer asks to take you somewhere else, ask if you are being placed under arrest. If you are not, the officer should explain why he or she feels the need for you to be moved. You may refuse to go. If the officer places you under arrest, you must be told what crime you have been charged with.

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